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Love In The Wild Recap: No Fear In Love

July 04, 2012 10:00 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Ali traded Jesse for Ben last week on NBC‘s Love in the Wild, sending Jason and Vanessa home. Host Jenny McCarthy guides the remaining couples through a new adventure and another dramatic Couples Choice Ceremony this week. Which couples will overcome the challenges of the Wild? Keep reading for all the details!

There’s a lot of tension in the air immediately following last week’s couples choice ceremony.  Ali ruffled many feathers by choosing Ben. Michelle lets Ali know that she has no plans to let Ali move in on her man.  Ali says she chose Ben because she’s still hoping for a love connection, so she’s mad that Michelle isn’t going to give her that chance.  Like she has a chance… she’s delusional.  Michelle and Ali trade insults back and forth.

Ken continues to attack Jesse.  Jesse threatens to break a chair over Ken’s head and then leaves the area.  Ken’s sole focus is beating Jesse even though he has a beautiful woman by his side.  Yanina suggests to Ken that she should be his focus.


Jenny McCarthy says this adventure is designed to help them face their fears.  Using bamboo, the couples turn their boats into outriggers. Next, they need to follow their maps to rubbing stones, where they’ll reveal a secret message, and then take that secret message and two “surprises” to Jenny at the finish line.

Ben wants to win so he can choose Michelle at the next ceremony. Chase wants to win because he’s embarrassed for losing last week. Jesse wants to win to stick it to Ken.  Ken wants to win so he and Yanina can spend the night in the Oasis.  Then there’s Ryan, who is really sick.  His only goal is to not die.

Ali is immediately annoyed by Ben because he asks her to tie knots. How they haven’t fed her to wild jungle animals yet… I will never understand.

Chase and Summer are the first to finish the first leg of the race.  Next, each person has to climb down a cliff on a rope ladder.  Jesse and Michelle and Ken and Yanina are the next two couples to the cliff.  Ryan and Jenna were in last place on the water.  But, lucky for them, Ali cannot quit whining long enough to help Ben row a boat.  Ali and Ben fall into last place.

Ali cries when she gets to the cliff.  Ben calls her a “silly girl” behind her back.  In the moment, he offers her words of encouragement.  Ali isn’t feeling a connection so he just annoys her.

The two “surprises” the couples need to take to Jenny are tarantulas. Chase is afraid of spiders but he grabs one anyway. Summer and Chase are the first couple to reach the finish line.  Summer admits she’s falling for Chase.

Jesse and Michelle finish second.  Carrying the tarantula, Yanina shrieks the entire way to the finish line.  Yanina and Ken are third. Ryan and Jenna finish fourth.  Ben and Ali are last.

Mingle Time

Chase and Summer enjoy the Oasis together.  They share their first kiss.

Ben and Michelle spend time together. (Ali who?) Good for them!

Jesse finds Ali, hoping to smooth things over.  Really!? Completely in character, Ali is a witch to him.  Jenna is starting to question her feelings for Ryan.

Ben and Ali argue constantly. He calls her a “ruthless black widow.” She questions his morals and brings Michelle into it. Ali calls her “funbags” and “blowup doll.”  Ali also suggests that Michelle is really a man under all of that makeup. (said as Ali is applying her daily metric ton of makeup) Then, Ali says she doesn’t understand why there has to be animosity and that she’s above the pettiness.

Couples Choice Ceremony

Chase and Summer stay together.

Michelle chooses Ben, sending Jesse to the unmatched area.

Ken and Yanina stay together.

Ryan chooses to stay with Jenna.  Jenna completely blindsides Ryan, suggesting they’re better off as friends.  Jenna has to choose between Ryan and Jesse.  The only other option is to willingly place herself (and Ryan) in the unmatched area, essentially sending them both home. Jenny McCarthy suggests she could continue with Ryan as friends.

Jenna decides to go unmatched.

Ali is last.  She can choose Jesse or Ryan.  Ali also decides to go unmatched.  Good riddance.

Ryan, Jesse, Jenna, and Ali leave the Wild.

Yanina and Ken, Summer and Chase, and Michelle and Ben remain – three strong couples.  The last three episodes should be fun!

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