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Drama On The X Factor! Angry Castoff Leaks Britney Spears Demo

July 07, 2012 03:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

How would you react if you were booted off one of the hottest reality shows? If you’re Don Philip, the response might include leaking one of the judge’s new demos. That’s right, disgruntled X Factor reject Don Philip has leaked a track on which he allegedly collaborated with pop star Britney Spears. How else has Philip lashed out? Read on for more!

Don Philip is the very definition of sore loser. The X Factor castoff is apparently unable to take responsibility for his reality show departure and is instead lashing out at X Factor judge Britney Spears. Philip decided to get revenge by leaking a Britney Spears track entitled Pleasure You on his SoundCloud account. Since Philip’s vocals are included on the track, he either collaborated on it with Spears or added himself in à la Heidi Montag.  And you know it’s bad news when you’re following in Heidi Montag’s footsteps.

This isn’t the first time Philip has targeted Britney Spears. Perez Hilton reports that Philip earlier had posted a long and angry rant about the X Factor judge on his Facebook page. In the Facebook post, he confessed, “Back to real life…all my demons released… i totally crocked when the pressure was on… at least I didnt shave my head.” Clearly, the part about shaving his head was a jab at Britney Spears. The rest of the post refers to Philip’s decision to come out of the closet on The X Factor.

Sounds like a ploy for attention, mixed with a nice dose of misplaced bitter feelings. Don Philip needs to learn that the worst way to make an impression in the music industry is to insult one of its biggest stars!

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