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Kim Kardashian Will Consider Boob Job

July 08, 2012 04:00 PM by Gina Hall

It seems like the last thing curvaceous Kim Kardashian would need would be to augment her breasts. How “blessed” does she think she needs to be? Regardless, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star will consider going under the knife. What are the circumstances that would have her thinking boob job?

First of all, it’s not Kanye West asking Kim for bigger boobs, he loves her just the way she is. That said, Kim Kardashian seems rather certain that she’ll have a boob job sometime in the near future. Kim says that she will ‘definitely’ have a lift when she has children. Because as everyone knows those little bundles of joy (the kids) can have a sagging affect on, well, your own little bundles of joy (your boobs).

“I’m not against plastic surgery. I will definitely need a boob lift after I have kids,” she said as reported by SkyNews.com

Kim Kardashian is not against altering other parts of her famous body. “Who knows if I will want to do my face one day? My mom did it.”

Still, she’s trying to take all the preventative measures to keep healthy as to not have to do anything drastic like stomach stapling or liposuction.

“When you have curves, you’re just a cheeseburger away from looking heavy…I’m changing the way I eat and it’s a process because I have the biggest sweet tooth.”

But don’t for one moment think she’s doing this because people are judging her. Kim recently told a British edition of InStyle magazine: ‘I don’t read those (negative) comments. I don’t care anymore. There were always haters but my divorce gave them a platform. My fan base has stayed loyal and the same.” And Kim will stay loyal and the same for us…just surgically enhanced.

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