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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Let’s Pretend David Beckham And Lee DeWyze Are Equals, Shall We?

July 09, 2012 09:30 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Fox‘s Hell’s Kitchen, both teams crumbled under the pressure of steak night, embarrassing Gordon RamsayRoyce, Patrick, Robyn, and Tiffany were all up for elimination.  An emotionally unstable Patrick went home and Robyn moved to the blue team. No doubt, a little less crazy will be good for the red team, but how will the blue team deal with losing their “leader” and picking up Robyn?   

Immediately following last week’s elimination, everyone needs a smoke. Shocker. The red team, now minus Robyn, makes a pact to come together. We’ve heard this before. Robyn tries to make nice with her new teammates by telling them exactly how she’s better than each of them. Way to make friends, Robyn.


Gordon Ramsay presents the chefs with a game of Scattergories on a craps table. Each person rolls the die and then has to quickly call out an ingredient that begins with the letter they roll.

For example, if you someone rolls a D, they could yell dill pickles! Personally, I would have yelled Dunkin’ donuts. (That’s double points, right?) When presented with a D, Robyn chooses dragonfruit. At this point, her team definitely wants to murder her.

The blue team walks away from the craps table with dismal list of dragonfruit, heirloom tomatoes, daikon, edamame, and chicken.

Ramsay chides, “Good luck!” Always a ray of sunshine, Tiffany says, “What a bunch of (beeping) idiots!”

The red team puts together a promising list of chicory, Brussels sprouts, truffles, turnips, and lamb.

The red team has no issues assigning their tasks. They’re quick to start prepping their dish. Barbie is on the lamb. She’s also shouting out ideas for all the other ingredients, annoying her teammates. Given the randomness of their ingredients, the blue team is slower to start. They move into the kitchen with no real plan in place. They’re simply hoping for the best. The inside of the dragonfruit inspires Brian to prepare a sushi-like roll.

It’s judgement time. Ramsay tastes the red team’s lamb dish. He says the lamb is perfect. Barbie is ecstatic. Ramsay is less impressed with the Brussels sprouts, which is Dana’s contribution. The blue team’s chicken is overcooked. Ramsay tells Royce he sliced it too early. Royce takes his Rolls for a joy ride around Doucheville. His opinion of himself far surpasses his actual skill. The edamame and dragonfruit are both perfect.

It’s a hard decision for Ramsay but he gives it to the blue team. The blue team goes to Vegas for 24 hours, staying in a high rollers suite.

Surprising nobody, Kimmie starts to cry. Then, forgetting her declaration to bond together as a team, she’s acting crazy over the Brussels sprouts. The read team’s punishment is dealing with an shrill alarm that sounds every hour – all night long – so they can tend to a pig roast.

Dinner Service:

Prepping for dinner service, the red team is exhausted and Robyn is having a hard time adjusting to the ways of the blue team.

The chef’s tables will be hosting celebrities again this week. American Idol‘s Lee DeWyze and Haley Reinhart sit in the blue kitchen. Oh, Lee DeWyze is still alive? Who knew. Meanwhile, heating up the red kitchen is David Beckham.  Who invited David Beckham to Hell’s Kitchen and then said, “I really hope Lee DeWyze is available to sit in the blue kitchen.” But, seriously, it really is good to know he’s still alive.

Clemenza messes up the first scallops of the night. Justin says, “There’s no excuse to be (beeping) scallops up at this point in the game.” These are professional chefs, right? Was there ever an acceptable point to be messing up scallops?

The starstruck red team fumbles over David Beckham’s flatbread pizza. Can you blame them with that eye candy sitting right there?

Robyn takes charge in the blue kitchen. Robyn does more leading in ten minutes than Patrick did all season. Also, the guys are receptive to her leadership. It’s not enough to give Royce a clue though. Ramsay is beating Royce down over his issues with time. Haley Reinhart is highly amused. Ramsay takes Justin, Royce, Clemenza, and Brian away from the kitchen. He berates them and tells them to take a break. This leaves Robyn alone in the blue kitchen.

Meanwhile, in the red kitchen, Tiffany must have forgotten her fish flashcards. She cooks and serves cod instead of sea bass. Then she does it again. For reasons unknown, Ramsay does not tell her to piss off and kick her out! The red team completes their dinner service mainly because Barbie rocks the meat station.

The guys return to the blue kitchen, making the same mistakes. Ramsay tells Clemenza he’s cooking like a donkey! Ramsay orders the red team to help the blue team. Robyn is not happy about this. Tiffany, the fish expert, starts running her nasty mouth, pissing off Brian. He threatens to shove her head into the fryer. I start chanting, “Do it! Do it!” Christina ruins my moment by bringing Tiffany down a few notches by pointing out they’re there to help, not criticize.

Needless to say, the red team wins.


The blue team nominates Clemenza and Royce. Ramsay says to them, “Gimme both of your jackets!” Are they both out?!

Nope. Royce is, though! Ramsay simply declares Clemenza a disappointing filthy mess. He hands him a clean jacket and tells him to get back in line.

Season 10 of Hell’s Kitchen started with 18 chefs. Hitting the halfway mark, the red team is down to Christina, Kimmie, Tiffany, Dana, and Barbie. On the blue team, Robyn, Justin, Clemenza, and Brian. Who’s going all the way?

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3 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Let’s Pretend David Beckham And Lee DeWyze Are Equals, Shall We?”

  1. catherine Says:
    July 10th, 2012 at 10:31 am

    hahaha too funny – i thought the same exact thing. david beckham and….lee dewyze??? personally, i’m actually more of a lee fan, but i still have a tight enough grasp on reality to get the mis-match here!

  2. Cindy Says:
    July 10th, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Wow Melissa, really? Sometimes an attempt at humor falls flat. This is one of those times.

  3. Chad Says:
    January 21st, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Huh…you went the other way with that. Beckham= lame, Lee= awesome.


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