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MasterChef Recap: Gordon Ramsay Picks His Poison

July 09, 2012 10:20 PM by Gina Hall

Tonight the home cooks on MasterChef take on sea urchin, which is poisonous if not prepared correctly.  So who will turn up victorious and who will turn up, well, dead? Let’s find out!

There will be no Team Challenge tonight on MasterChef so it’s straight to the Mystery Box. The main ingredient is the poisonous sea urchin, so Chef Gordon Ramsay shows them how to handle. Hope they’re paying attention, this could be important. They have 60 minutes to prepare their dish.

The contestants wonder how Monti will accomplish this challenge. We’d be a little nervous with a blind chef serving us sea urchin as well. Time is up and Felix presents Uni and Pea Risotto. Gordon Ramsay calls it breathtaking and Graham calls it complex. Josh made Homemade Noodles with Rock Shrimp and Uni Cream Sauce. Joe says Josh has the instinct of a winner. Stacey made Rock Shrimp Sushi with Uni Aioli. Both Chef Ramsay and Joe dig it.

Felix is the winner of the Mystery Box Challenge and will help decide the ingredients on the Elimination Test. The theme is fishing and Felix gets to pick from nine fish including Rock Fish, John Dory, Salmon, Catfish, Yellowtail and Arctic Char.

She picks the California Halibut for herself and gives Becky the Rock Fish, Frank the Catfish, Monti the John Dory, Tali the Arctic Char, David the Yellowtail and Christine gets Salmon. Josh gets Sardines and Stacey gets the Striped Bass — good luck with that. They 60 minutes to prepare.

David makes a super duper hot sauce for the fish. Chef Ramsay calls him out and says he’d need a fire extinguisher to serve that to human beings. Christine decides on a simple dish, which Joe has reservations about. But sometimes simplicity is key to the win.

When time expires Felix is up first with Poached Halibut with Bamboo Rice, Asparagus and Lemon Apple Sauce. Joe says it’s overcooked. Next is Monti with a Filet of John Dory with Baby Asparagus and Roasted Almond Sauce. Joe says the Dory is perfect and Chef Ramsay says she nailed it. Frank made Fried Catfish with Eggplant and Coconut Leek Sauce. Graham loves the catfish. Becky made Fried Rock Fish with Celery Root Puree and Chardonnay Sauce. Chef Ramsay says she nailed a difficult fish. David made Deviled Yellowtail with Aioli Potatoes and Red Cabbage Slaw. Joe says it’s uncooked in the middle. Uh oh. Tali made Arctic Char with Green Lentils. Joe is very critical. Chef Ramsay says it’s flavorless, poorly seasoned.  Finally, Christine made Baked Salmon with Rice and Vegetables. Chef Ramsay calls it her worst performance. Joe calls it salmon in a can.

The judges confer and deem that Monti and Frank made the best dishes so they will rise to become team captains. The three worst dishes are from Tali, David and Christine. Christine is asked to step forward, she is safe. Based on that performance, the judges finally send home Tali!

Stay tuned tomorrow, it’s getting down to the wire! Who will be next?

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One Response to “MasterChef Recap: Gordon Ramsay Picks His Poison”

  1. Sigfrid Thorisdottir Says:
    July 10th, 2012 at 6:12 am

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a great fan of Mr. Ramsey. I owned the first restaurant in Iceland where I indroduced food from all over the world to Icelanders, 1984-1988. I had my baby then and sold the restaurant. Was uniemplyed and started 8 blends in a sellophone bags in a flee market. Went to Thecnical University and studied industrial management. 14 days after I graduated I started my company. I am now the biggest on the market. I create my own blends, and they seems to just pop out of my mind, fully created. I have now 45 blends as well as all other herbs and spices. I would love to send Mr. Ramsey a basked full of my beatuful herbs and spice blends and my great herbs and spice oils.

    I have been a leader of none MSG in Iceland. When I had my restaurant 1984-1988 I had no MSG and the vegeterians loved to come to me and have their bottle of wine with the food. I would appreciate if you could mail me back for an address where I can send Mr. Ramsey the basket.

    Mind you when I had my restaurant we did all the tortillas by hand and it was alot. I coocked everything from the cround, even the Russiona Borch soop was made from the cround.

    Kind regards from Iceland.
    Sigfrid Thorisdottir


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