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The Glass House Recap: Puppy Love!

July 09, 2012 08:08 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Tonight on The Glass House, we find out how America managed to make grown men cry and grown women squeal over the presence of puppies (and who can blame them…those puppies are adorable!). Keep reading for more details on the latest episode of The Glass House! 

The newest episode of The Glass House begins with a pissed-off Andrea. She’s unhappy about being targeted for her views on gay marriage. Jeffrey, on the other hand, disagrees with Andrea’s stance on the whole LGBT thing, claiming that those who fail to vote for Andrea are, essentially, voting against equality.

More drama follows, but this time, it isn’t political in nature. After getting a little hanky panky in with Joy last week, Kevin tried to vote her out of the house.  After all, who wants to be stuck in a Glass House with his one-night stand after he’s essentially made the walk of shame? Somehow, Kevin doesn’t understand why Joy thinks he’s a jerk.

BIn a conversation filled to capacity with the word “like,” Gene discuss the loss of his best friend, Bryce. with Joy. Gene says that Bryce died last year on July 2nd. On the first anniversary of his best friend’s death, is really wishing he could be with friends and family. He’ll just have to settle for a hug from Joy.

Now, it’s time to find out who is out of limbo: Robin or Erica. Talk about suspense! And….Erica’s back! Say goodbye to Robin. The group decides to deal with the situation by doing what every “dysfunctional family” does: getting drunk and forgetting anything ever happened.

And now…it’s puppy time! This is definitely the highlight of the show. Holly instantly makes herself a lot less likeable by complaining about dog slob. The puppies serve the purpose of delivering fanswers to the contestants. But Stephanie thinks that trading a puppy, for, say, Holly might not be a bad idea. Except the puppy would definitely might get the most votes.

So, who did America vote for? Evidently, not Ashley or Holly, as they managed to land in the bottom. Ashley’s presence in the bottom isn’t much of a surprise, as fans have consistently failed to vote for her the past few weeks. After finding out the bad news, Ashley attempts to gain the sympathy vote by explaining the struggles she experienced in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

In today’s challenge, the contestants need to transfer red balls across a balancing disk into a triangular-shaped hole and through a special receptacle. Sounds easy, right? Not when you have a team that lacks communication skills! Amazingly, Team Andrea manages to get two balls in a row into the triangle before dropping a ton of them in quick succession. Finally, they get the final ball in and it’s time for the Team Holly. These guys are assigned yellow balls and they clearly do not understand the concept of slow and steady. Finally, they finish the task, but not without Jeffrey collapsing from exhaustion.

The results are in and it looks like Team Holly failed to finish in under five minutes. But Team Ashley does even worse, taking nearly eight minutes to finish the task. Now, the audience is left to wonder who will be sent into limbo. Several contestants like the idea of sending in Kevin, as, according to Erica, it would be instant karma. Kevin, not surprisingly, gets plenty of limbo votes. Several contestants also appear to have it in for Ashley.

Are you going to vote this week? Who do you think will ultimately be cut from the show?

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