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Adam Lambert to Join American Idol Judging Panel?!

July 10, 2012 07:19 AM by Christine McDow

Yesterday we filled you in on the latest American Idol rumor….Adam Lambert joining the judges? It some ways, it is hard to believe. He would be the first former contestant to sit at the table judging all the young hopefuls. In other ways however, it is obvious. American Idol needs a flamboyant, loud, judge who will steal the show. What do you think about the whole idea? The Buzz weighs in below. Take a peek and then let us know your opinion.

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2 Responses to “Adam Lambert to Join American Idol Judging Panel?!”

  1. Yvette Says:
    July 18th, 2012 at 2:52 am

    GRAMMY NOMINATED Adam Lambert brought the MAGIC to Idol and put everyone under his Spell..and he will do it again…He has the most Phenomenal Voice and knows the business….He turned Idol Upside Down and it’s never been the same since he was on….They have been searching for Adam Lamberts Electrifying total package of Pure jaw-dropping Talent ever since he graced the stage…and can’t even come Close….At least he will Light up the show with his Aura, and give honest sincere helpful advice too. Adam had a 126 SOLD OUT ~SOLO World Wide Concert tour a year after Idol…had #1 hits, is GRAMMY NOMINATED and just finished touring with Legendary QUEEN to sold out 500.000~80.000~50.000 plus stadiums, singing 26 of Freddie Mercurrys Iconic Songs FLAWLESSLY and putting those in attendence into a Frenzy and awestruck at Adam’s powerful pitch perfect voice..not to mention his Electrifying Stage Presence…where Brian May said..”Adam was so awesome that i would forget to play my guitar watching him!!! This is the lead in QUEEN! QUEEN said that Adam LAmbert brought Joy back to their lives and they FEEL LIKE A BAND AGAIN WITH ADAM….Unbelievable!!
    Queen is the ONLY Vocally Iconic Rock Band in history…No other band compared to them Vocally and they said Adam has “THE MOST PHENOMENAL VOICE THEY HAVE EVER HEARD”
    There is NO ONE like Adam Lambert….and now they have to ask Adam himself to try and find the same excitiement as he has…it will be so much fun watching this!!
    I just want to hear Adam sing to me dayhmmmmm day!!

  2. Michaela Says:
    May 6th, 2013 at 6:29 am

    I say go for it because Adam Lambert can sing and is the most sexy gay guy evere! His music rocks, his fashion sense rocks,….hell, everything about him rocks!!! I would love love love to hear him sing one of his most popular songs on american idol. Step aside judges theres a new judge who is bigger and better than any of yall.
    GO ADAM LAMBERT!!!<3<3<3


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