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MasterChef Castoffs Exclusive Interview: Tanya Noble and Mike Hill

July 10, 2012 05:00 PM by Gina Hall

It’s not often that you get a double whammy on MasterChef – two eliminated on the same night! But Reality TV Magazine has an exclusive interview with both Tanya and Cowboy Mike. What did they have to say about their time with Gordon Ramsay in the MasterChef kitchen?

Tanya has always been a whiz in the kitchen, so when she caught the show when she was visiting family in Indonesia, she got the urge to audition for MasterChef. “I would always miss classes to cook dinner parties for friends,” Tanya said.

Cowboy Mike was urged in a different way. “My wife kept bugging me to audition. She kept saying ‘you could do this.’ So after a couple of cold beers she convinced me to go to the open casting call in Atlanta.”

“Walking into the top 100 was intimidating,” Tanya said. “They didn’t show my audition, but I got two out of three ‘yes’s.’”

For Mike the top 100 represented some of the “coolest people I’d ever met.” It was intense for him as well. “And hot,” he noted. “It was 140 degrees in there with all the ovens going.”

And Gordon Ramsay and the other judges aren’t all bark and bite. “They’re actually so supportive,” said Tanya. “Despite what you see on TV and even though they’ll growl and bark.” Mike agreed. “They don’t always show the advice the judges give. They only show the critique.”

While on the show, the Marine challenge is what touched Cowboy Mike the most. “That was one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. To be able to put a smile on their faces was really amazing.”

When it came to elimination, the cut really stung both Tanya and Mike. “They don’t show how close we get,” sighed Tanya. “They struck down like a gauntlet that it would be a double elimination.”

“It was my second time in the bottom three,” recalled Mike. “I was very disappointed, but at that level if you make a mistake, you’re going home.”

In case you’re wondering, where are they now, Tanya drove from Texas to Los Angeles to try her hand in the food industry. She’s interning at a restaurant and hopes that cooking can become her full-time job.

While Tanya’s only 22 and has a bit of freedom, Cowboy Mike has to take a different tack. “I belong in this industry,” he enthused. “I have to focus differently, though…I’m a contractor and I spend 14 hour days working and cook all night…I’m going to come out with barbeque spice rubs and hopefully some more rubs. A restaurant isn’t out of the question, but right now I have two young kids that I like to spend time with.”

Best of luck to you guys! We enjoyed watching you on MasterChef!

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Photo Credit: FOX

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