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Hollywood Exes Recap: Fine Wine and Fine Men

July 11, 2012 07:21 PM by Martha Zaborowski

With Jessica Canseco’s ex, Jose, telling her he is moving away from her and their daughter, Nicole Murphy’s legal battles, and the other drama in the Hollywood Exes’ lives, it is time for the ladies to de-stress. Good news: the ladies are heading to Napa Valley for some fine wine and (hopefully) for some fine men. Does Mayte meet a “Tod”? Which sex topic does Jessica talk about now to offend Sheree? And Drea would rather get a public pubic-hair count over what? Keep reading to find out!

Nicole Murphy

Nicole put her money in a trust account, had her money stolen, so Nicole is suing a lot of people. Obviously, she’s stressed. A trip to Napa on a private plane is in order for her. She used to take private planes all the time with Eddie Murphy, you know.

Mayte Garcia 

Shockingly, Prince never took Mayte on a private plane. Sounds like he pretty much had her locked up in Paisley Park while she found friends on group chat. (I’m just kidding, Prince–don’t be mad! Oh, what I am worried about, Prince doesn’t do the Interent.) Do single gals Mayte and Andrea meet some princes? No, they seem to meet more of frogs (or “Tods”)…

Andrea Kelly

Drea hates flying and needs to relax. So naturally she stars crying, but she also drinks and prays because she’s a sinner and a saint. But after the inspiration of booze and Jesus time, Andrea admits she’s looking forward to going to Napa to find some vanilla, baby. She’s down with the swirl. The swirl gods may have heard Drea’s prayer with a chef and a wine guide who are “Tods” (“talkya outya draws” types). Oh Drea, you’re too cool. I can’t keep up with all your hip, quotable catchphrases. Somebody get me an urban dictionary please–I’m too lame and Northside Chicago for Ms. Andrea. Unfortunately the “Tods” are married. Oh, and PS, Drea woud rather get a public pubic-hair count than have her credit card declined.

Jessica Canseco

Jessica is so happy to be away from LA and, most likely, her ex the douchebag. Jessica’s especially upset because she’s afraid her daughter, Josie, is going to mirror her future man on her absentee dad. Jessica calls Jose to tell their daughter he is going to move to Boston.

Sheree Fletcher

Sheree prays a lot. Probably more than she wears berets. (Please see above image and last week’s recap.) Nearly as often, she likes to judge Jessica. But can you blame her? Jessica’s talking about a sex act, stumbling upon it with Jose, and the following phrase is bleeped “s*****ing”…so draw your own conclusions about what she’s talking about.

The ladies end the episode with singing and jazz-handing with a bunch of French Tods. This was all inspired by copious amounts of wine. (I hope.)

What did you think of episode 4 of Hollywood Exes? Does VH1 have a fun hit?

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Photos courtesy of VH1

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  1. No name Says:
    July 12th, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    No wonder R Kelly kept his wife a secret! She is complete trash!!!


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