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Love In The Wild Recap: Love In The Wild Meets The Newlywed Game

July 11, 2012 12:30 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on NBC‘s Love in the Wild, four people left the Dominican Republic without finding love. Ken and Yanina, Chase and Summer, and a reunited Ben and Michelle are the final three couples on Love in the Wild. Will Ken turn his attention back to Yanina now that Jesse is gone? Considering the unplanned double elimination last week, will anyone go home?  Read on to find out.

The Adventure

Host Jenny McCarthy shows up with good new and bad news.

Jenny tells the couples there’s going to be a surprise at the next Couples Choice Ceremony.  This is the bad news.

The good news is the couples get to use a GPS for the challenge instead of a map.  This is good news for everyone but Chase.  Chase’s plan for this week is to defrost an icy Summer.  He’s hoping for a little romance.  Summer just wants to win.  Summer gets excited about the GPS since Chase has a military background. Note to Chase, when your girl gets more excited about a GPS than she does about you in general, it’s time to reassess the situation.

The challenge is to locate the GPS and use it to collect three items. One of those items is a journal that will help the couples finish the challenge.  Ken, Yanina, Michelle, and Ben have all collected one item before Chase even figures out the GPS.  He’s walking ten steps to the right, ten steps to the left… all he needs is a dip and he’s got the electric slide.  Summer is heating up but not in the way Chase was hoping for.  The couples face a cave full of creepy scorpions and pit of quick sand before they find Jenny.

Ken and Yanina finish first.  They kiss, hug, and jump for joy.

Ben and Michelle finish in the middle.  Surprisingly, Michelle finishes the challenge without any wardrobe malfunctions.

Chase and Summer finish last.  With their hands on their hips, they barely even look at one another. Summer is pissed at Chase for screwing up so badly.

Down Time

Ken and Yanina enjoy their time together in the Oasis.

Summer wants to win the game. Chase wants to win Summer’s heart. “I’m not here to build a first place team, I’m here to build a relationship,” he says. Summer collects her things in the cabin, then walks out without saying a word to Chase. Summer is a sore loser.

Ben surprises Michelle with a picnic on the beach. It’s sweet. But, seriously, who wears fake eye lashes in the Wild?  Michelle does! In fact, she wears the biggest ones she can find. It looks like she glued last week’s tarantulas to her eyelids.

Chase organizes a cheesy scavenger hunt for Summer. The point of it is to bring Summer out of her funk by reminding her of the fun times she and Chase have shared. It works.

Ben and Michelle question Chase and Summer’s connection as a couple. I’m with them. Chase and Summer are lacking chemistry. Ben asks Summer if she’s there to compete or to build a relationship. It’s a valid question, but the confrontation might come back to bite him in the butt next week.

Couple’s Choice Ceremony

Instead of the normal partner swap, Jenny McCarthy presents the couples with a game similar to the Newlywed Game.  The goal is to find out how well the couples know each other.  The winning couple will get a 30 second head start on the next adventure.  Everyone wonders if the losers are going home.

Before they start with the questions, Ken and Yanina are awarded one point for winning the adventure.  They still manage to lose.

Ken and Yanina earn four points, Chase and Summer earn five points, and Ben and Michelle earn six points. As the new loser, Yanina looks sick.  Summer looks pleased.  Chase hopes this means he’s getting lucky.

We learn:  Ben likes Michelle’s jugs.  During every challenge, he says to her, “Watch your jugs, Darling.”  Ken and Yanina haven’t “done it” yet.  Chase and Summer both hope to zip line.  Yanina rubs lime all over her body before she goes to sleep to keep the mosquitoes away. Ken says she wakes up smelling like key lime pie.  Everyone, men included, has a crush on Ken. Ken has a crush on Ben.

Basically, that earlier challenge with the GPS, quick sand, and scorpions… just for fun. (I’d be livid if I did all that crap for nothing!) Jenny leads Ken and Yanina to believe they’re going home. She gives them all just enough time to get upset, then she tells them she’s kidding.

Everyone gets to stay and play again next week.  Ben and Michelle have earned that super 30 second head start.  Next week, the first place couple gets to choose which couple goes home and which couple joins them for the final challenge.

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