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Was Tom Cruise Hiding Anything?

July 13, 2012 12:00 PM by Gina Hall

We were all a little surprised how quickly the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce shocker resolved itself considering that there seemed to be so much animosity coming from Team Holmes. Now everyone’s wondering what skeletons Tom had in his closet (possibly literally) that might have made him settle so quickly with the “So You Think You Can Dance Star?

A major movie star with a controversial religion is bound to have some salacious secrets he didn’t want to discuss in public. Tom Cruise worked out a deal with Katie Holmes so quickly we have to wonder — what’s Tom Cruise afraid Katie will reveal?

According to TMZ, Bert Fields, Tom’s attorney, wants to squelch any hit that Tom is silencing Katie. ”Tom had nothing to hide and did nothing in the agreement to hide anything,” said Fields. “People are just making this stuff up.”

Will Tom be out for payback for the surprise Katie laid on him two weeks ago? “I don’t think Tom is bitter.  He’s sad it came to this,” said Fields. “The media firestorm which is replete with bogus information is unpleasant for him.”

Fields noted that Tom’s number one issue in the settlement was Suri. Fields stated that Tom was “pleased we could work out how Suri will be treated and dealt with.”

“Tom will definitely have a meaningful relationship with his daughter, but I can’t talk about specifics of the agreement.” We’re sure someone will start talking soon. Tom can’t have a gag order on everyone around him…or can he?

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