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Big Brother 14 Recap: Backstabber Willie Hantz Nominates Two For Eviction

July 15, 2012 06:46 PM by Ryan Haidet

Ian Terry is one strange kid.  The nerdy reality television fan really showed some strange personality traits on tonight’s episode of Big Brother 14 that it almost seems like he’s never interacted with other human beings before.  Stranger yet, he is the first houseguest we’ve seen from this season get naked and run through the house.  Not who I was expecting to let it all hang out first.  More on his wacky antics later.  More importantly, Willie, the Russell Hantz doppelganger, moved into the HoH bedroom where he later told several people that he is in fact Russell’s brother.  With that crap aside, who did he nominate for eviction?  Read on to find out!

Coaches unite

Chilltown 2 has assembled harder than “The Avengers” as Mike Boogie asked Dan to “Will it up” to create a solid alliance for the summer.  Since both have won a previous season, they each arrogantly discussed how they were heads above the other coaches Janelle and Briney.  Not so fast.  Janelle quickly and told Britney she suspected the duo was scheming.  Maybe speaking a tad too quickly, fellas.

Ian Gone Wild

While Ian struggled to sleep, he walked around in his pink underwear talking to himself, posing in front of the mirrors and using his houseguest key to spank his butt.  He even crawled into a small space on the floor just to see if he could fit before squeaking out a pair of loud farts at the main dinner table.

His bizarre actions didn’t go unnoticed either.  In the HoH bedroom, Willie, Janelle and Britney watched his nighttime craziness.  Throughout the episode, we also heard multiple other houseguests reveal how creepy they think Ian is.  Britney said that he’s probably going to watch her sleep.  Danielle said Ian is around every corner like he’s watching her every move.  Janelle agreed that Ian is a strange — but nice — kid.  She thinks he’s just weird because he walks around on his toes and always seems to be lurking around nervously.

Running around naked and using Joe’s cowboy hat as a crotch shield probably didn’t win Ian any fans either.  I don’t think there’s anybody there who wants to see his skinny pale booty running around the house.  Sheesh.

In a strange way, Ian is very entertaining on the show.  But it’s so frustrating that he’s acting so strangely.  You would think somebody like him, being such a huge fan of the show, that he would do anything possible to not stand out as a weirdo.  I may be crazy for calling this now, but I think Ian won’t be able to make any major decisions on his own.  He seems way too uneasy about everything that I can’t see him able to stand on his own two feet in the house.

Hopefully he proves me wrong.

Frank Gets Attention

Up in the HoH bedroom, Willie offered Frank a deal because he felt as if they each shared similar traits — including the desire to win.  Willie offered to keep Frank safe for the week in exchange for safety next week.  Both agreed.

Later in the backyard, Boogie talked some strategy with Frank and was extremely impressed with how smart and likeable the guy seems to be.

Coach’s competition

A brand new power and competition was unleashed, giving the coaches more unnecessary power.  Host Julie Chen revealed to the houseguests that only the four veterans would be eligible to compete in the coach’s competition, the winner getting the opportunity to save one of their teammates from elimination.  To cut the goofy challenge short, Boogie ended up winning and gave Ian safety for the week.  Good thing, too, because Ian was Willie’s prime target for the first nomination ceremony.  In addition to that decision, the four coaches were then forced to choose one player from their own teams to be the have-nots for the week.  Britney picked Shane, Dan picked Danielle, Janelle picked Ashley and Boogie picked Ian.

And The Nominees Are…

Although Boogie had tried to convince Willie to target chef Joe for eviction, he chose to take the advice from coaches Janelle and Britney by nominating Frank and Kara — the two players they felt were the strongest individuals from the other teams.  Although he says he’s nothing like his brother, Willie already went back on his word and stabbed Frank in the back.  Smooth move.  Frank was especially surprised considering Willie is the person who approached him to cut a deal in the first place.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Do you like Willie’s nominees?  Who would you have nominated for eviction?  What are your thoughts on Ian?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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