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Secret Millionaire Recap: Heartfelt Donations In San Antonio

July 15, 2012 07:00 PM by Veronica Dudo

Make sure you have a box of tissues nearby–this week’s episode of Secret Millionaire is another tearjerker! The reality TV show on ABC introduces audiences to Jeff Usner, a self-made millionaire who heads to an impoverished area of San Antonio looking for people and organizations worthy of donations. While volunteering in his hometown he’s shocked to see the conditions some members of the community are living in. Each week, the show spreads a little joy into the lives of those in-need. Keep reading to find out what organizations Jeff decides to donate to while volunteering in Texas!

Jeff became a millionaire by creating websites on the internet which help people find whatever they’re looking for. Now, he will set out on a journey of self discovery and generosity. First, Jeff heads to Teamability, an organization that helps children with special needs partake in activities. Jeff grew up hanging out with his cousin who had similar disabilities and he says what the volunteers do for local families is truly amazing.

Next, Jeff meets Rhonda who runs Habitat for Safe Seniors. Not only does Rhonda help build ramps for seniors, her and her team mow lawns and carry out other errands that some local seniors aren’t able to do. Rhonda and her team also hand out food to those in-need. However, when she runs out of food she is really upset that she has to tell the people waiting in line that they’re low on food. Reinforcing her commitment to helping people, she even uses her own money when funds are low. Jeff talks with Rhonda one-on-one about keeping the organization up and running and Rhonda says she will do whatever it takes to stay open. Little does she know she’s about to get a HUGE surprise!

Finally, Jeff visits The Advocates Social Services, an organization that helps struggling families and their children. The founders teach kids to work out and do some boxing drills. The idea is to keep local youth out of trouble making it less likely for them to do drugs or join gangs. Jeff is happy to help at-risk-youth and sees how much they enjoy spending time with the organization.

As the end draws near, Jeff must decide how much money he will be donating. First, Jeff returns to Teamability to reveal his true identity! He presents them with a check for $40,000. Event organizers are shocked and so very thankful. Next, Jeff goes back to The Advocates Social Services. After Jeff gives them a check for $35,000, the founders say the organization was on the verge of closing their doors but can now stay open thanks to Jeff’s kind donation. Lastly, he visits Habitat for Safe Seniors and tells Rhonda that her organization took his heart therefore he would like to give her $85,000 to help many more deserving people in the area. She is beyond surprised and is so grateful for the amazing donation.

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