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MasterChef Recap: Not Gordon Ramsay’s First Time To A Rodeo

July 16, 2012 10:15 PM by Gina Hall

Tonight we’re heading to the rodeo for a team challenge. 101 cowboys are about to arrive hungry for USDA NY Strips and Rib Eye Steaks. The losing team will face the Pressure Test. Let’s see what goes down on tonight’s MasterChef with Gordan Ramsay.

Monti and Frank are team captains on tonight’s MasterChef.  Frank is with the Red Team and he selects Becky, Josh and Felix. Monti heads up the Blue Team and chooses Stacey, David and Christine. But there’s a switch up! Gordon Ramsay tells Frank and Monti to switch, they now have to lead the other’s chosen team.

Monti’s Red Team will make the Rib Eye Steak. Despite team protests, Monti chooses a Sweet Potato Mash and Spicy Green Beans as a side dish. Becky doesn’t think the cowboys will like it. Frank’s Blue Team will make Strip Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Corn on the Cob with barbecue sauce.

The Red Team puts Becky on the grill. Christine puts the corn on the grill and it catches fire! They make an attempt to rescue the corn. Then Becky overcooks the steaks. Monti summons Josh to take over the grill.

The cowboys arrive and the home cooks have to impress.  Moments into dinner the Red Team runs out of potatoes! The cowboys love Stacey’s sauce. Votes are tallied.  Red Team comes in with more sweet potatoes. But the Blue Team gets their 51st vote, so they win the challenge.

Pressure Test is up next for the losers.  They have to decide as a team which person gets immunity. Felix wins the vote.

Eggs are the key ingredient to the Pressure Test. They must make one perfect soft-boiled egg, one perfect sunny side up fried egg, one perfect poached egg and one perfect three-egg omelet. And they only have an exact number of eggs and 20 minutes.

Monti is up first and Chef Ramsay says she’s done a mediocre job. The omelet looks very flat. The soft-boiled egg is executed perfectly. Becky is up next and Graham says the sunny side up is too fried but has great flavor and that the omelet is like “sex on a plate.”  Her soft-boiled egg is almost an unboiled egg and is disappointing. Josh’s sunny side up egg is perfect according to Joe. But he says that the poached egg looks violently boiled.

The judges ask Monti to step forward, she is safe. It’s going to be between Becky and Josh. The judges wonder why the eggs were Becky’s downfall. They’re also super surprised that Josh’s dishes were amateurish. Becky is safe and Josh is going to be going home.  Chef Ramsay tells Josh that Josh can call in a favor from Gordon anytime after the show because he has a deep respect for Josh.

The heat is on in the MasterChef kitchen! Stay tuned tomorrow night as another home cook turns in an apron.

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One Response to “MasterChef Recap: Not Gordon Ramsay’s First Time To A Rodeo”

  1. Mary L Says:
    July 19th, 2012 at 5:41 am

    I was appalled by the utter waste in this episode. Cooking up two large steaks for each cowboy to taste and rate was irresponsible given the state of food supply and lack of sustainability in the US. Gordon Ramsay has impressed me with his plight against Shark Fin soup but he lost major points on this one… He clearly needs a refresher with Food Inc.


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