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The Bachelorette Men Tell All Recap: Emily and Kalon Face Off!

July 16, 2012 07:08 PM by Candace Young

Tonight, the Men Tell All episode of The Bachelorette marks the return of Sean Lowe, who will talk about how he recovered after being unexpectedly rejected by Emily Maynard. The other eliminated bachelors will also make a reappearance. Current contenders, Arie and Jef, will not be on the Men Tell All. Keep reading for all the dishy details…

Emily had sat down with Chris Harrison before the show. She talked about how it worked being The Bachelorette while still acting as a single mom to Ricki. She recalls taking Ryan to the house to make cookies for Ricki’s soccer game, and the conversation veers toward his faults. Not only did he interrupt girl talk, but he implied he might not love ‘on’ her as much if she gained weight, and called her a Trophy Wife!

Kalon was another bachelor who proved to be a real ass – especially when he referred to Ricki as ‘baggage’. Emily made moms everywhere proud by telling him to get the ‘eff’ out! She tells Chris now that Kalon knew she liked other guys more, and was used to being a big fish in a small pond. Ouch.

Emily tells Chris that it was an ongoing puzzle why Doug didn’t make a move and kiss her, but ultimately, they just weren’t on the same page.

Chris next shows some bloopers – including Emily spilling wine on her favorite dress during her date with Joe and letting loose with a string of expletives! That was followed up by Emily singing to the egg (remember the egg?), and her singing is really bad. She admits even Ricki prefers her to read books rather than sing her a lullaby.  Next, there is footage of Arie’s brothers spying on them while they kissed on the hometown date. Emily’s creeped out. Last, they spoof on Chris’ non-existent dancing skills. Emily feels bad.

A preview of Bachelor Pad is shown, complete with guys and girls crying, a lot of making out, Mike Stagliano shouting that it’s a hellhole, Kalon saying he needs to win to buy fuel for his helicopter, twins, and for the first time ever, fans joining the household – skeery!

Back at the Men Tell All, the bachelors have arrived, and the crowd screams hysterically over Sean when he’s introduced. Well, yeah! Kalon gets booed.

The guys get to talking about the drama that went on in the house. Kalon brought out the man claws in the house with his pompous behavior. Chris and Doug beefed over Chris’ age and maturity level.

Chris Harrison calls on Chris, who says he was over-the-top because he cared about Emily so much. Ugh. Still too intense.  Chris and Doug immediately get into the same old argument. Chris needs to get over his issues. Chris calls Ryan out on his overconfidence with regard to Emily. Ryan laughs that Chris got offended over a lot of things. Kalon jumps in to say that they were all intimidated by Ryan. Chris brings up Kalon referring to Ricki as baggage. Charlie chimes in to say that Kalon was truly disrespectful, and he was disappointed that he was sent home before him.

Harrison brings Kalon to the hot seat, where he’s forced to watch a montage of his pretentious behavior that put off the other guys in the house and offended Emily. He interrupted Emily and even told her to ‘run along’ on the Shakespeare date – so not cool to dismiss The Bachelorette! Chris calls him out on being rude. As he tries to explain himself, the other guys holler that he was only there for the glitz and glamor. Kalon admits he didn’t feel bad about telling Emily to ‘run along’. The crowd boos. The guys then get to talking about how inappropriate Kalon’s remark about Ricki was – Doug and Sean both weigh in. Chris Harriosn says Kalon wil be a part of Bachelor Pad. The crowd gags and moans.

Ryan hits the hot seat next. His montage is shown, including his little speech about what a great Bachelor he’d make, and his departure from the show. The other guys chuckle as he talks about his ‘worldly gifts’. Harrison inquires if he’s truly that arrogant ass. Ryan concedes that he’s confident, but insists he’s just a fun lovin’ guy. Chris nearly has a seizure over in the group of guys. Ryan goes on to say he was sizing up Emily as a wife the same way she was evaluating the 25 men. Harrison wonders if he might really be arrogant. Ryan admits that he told several of the front-runners that if they won and he finished second, he would likely become the next Bachelor. Harrison assures the audience it ain’t gonna’ happen!

Harrison brings a reluctant Chris to the hot seat next. He looks overly-intense (as usual) as he watches his footage from the show. He mopes about having taken Emily home and then being dumped. Harrison says he came off angry at the end. Chris acknowledges it, but says he still feels like he can be open to love again. Yawn. Oh no, he’s going to be on Bachelor Pad….ack.

Much to the delight of the women in the crowd, Sean comes to the hot seat to join Harrison. His shocking exit is shown over again. Audience members wipe away tears. Sean tells Harrison he still has very strong feelings for Emily and truly believed she would be his wife, and he’d be a father to Ricki. He admits to wondering, afterwards, what he wasn’t bringing to the table that Ari and Jef were. Sweet Sean says he spent weeks questioning himself – it was the first time he’s had a broken heart. Aw!

Emily is brought out onto the stage and says hello to the men. She makes a point to center on Sean and let him know that what she felt for him was genuine and she had a really ugly cry watching back the episode where they parted ways. Sean thanks her for opening his eyes to love. Chris repeats the sentiment. Ugh. Harrison mentions the awkward departure of Doug, who laughs. Emily admits it was the first time she had the break up talk and first kiss simultaneously. She says she regrets not giving Doug the group date rose in London, and thanks him for outing Kalon.

They discuss what happened with Kalon. Emily says she was angry and disappointed. Kalon jumps in to apologize, but Em’s not buying it. She tells him he should be a politician because that’s a load of bull*&$#. She calls him out about jokes he’s made on Twitter about looking for her at the baggage claim. Kalon makes a cocky remark about her following him on social media. She insults him again. Harrison wisely calls for a commercial break.

Emily is asked about her ‘thing’ for Ryan when the show returns. Emily giggles that Ryan is very good-looking and smooth-talking. She diplomatically says that not everything they believe in lined up.

A few more bloopers are shown. Highlights include Emily talking about a bachelor named Andrew (who never existed), Chris Harrison referring to Jake Pavelka as a puppet while in conversation with a Muppet, and some nudity courtesy of the boys!

The Bachelorette finale will be Sunday night on ABC – featuring Emily, Jef, and Arie. It will be followed by a live airing of After The Final Rose. Don’t miss!

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