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The Glass House Recap: Play On, Playa!

July 16, 2012 09:17 PM by Shayla Perry

Who says karma’s a b—h?! After hooking up with Erica and voting her into limbo, last week, Kevin found himself at risk of being eliminated from The Glass House. So how is it that the hunky police sergeant somehow made his way back onto the ABC reality show, and still ended up with the girl fawning over him?! We’re not ones to hate the player, but with all of this backstabbing and alliance building, we’re definitely not hatin’ the game either! What did you miss in tonight’s episode?

With Kevin not surprisingly back in the house (seriously, he was up against the viewers’ least favorite!), he’s already fired up to start playing the game again. And apparently, he was doing a lot of thinking while in limbo.

Where is this “limbo” by the way, and why does everyone look so much better when they get back? Not that Kevin could look bad, but still….

He doesn’t want to give the audience (that’s us!) any reason to hate him and his cohorts, so he tells them that no matter what, they have to take the high road against everyone else in the house.

We’re thinking that Mike could’ve used that advice earlier when he decided to get into Holly and Joy‘s argument for no apparent reason, and make things way worse.

But, surprise, surprise, who’s there to comfort both of the ladies after the dust settles? Andrea. Yes, someone definitely knows that their days are numbered.

Jeffrey’s a little more confident about his position in the house. So confident, that he’s willing to pretend that he wants to get in on Mike and Kevin’s alliance, just to see what they’re planning.

Note to Jeff: We really don’t think they’re going to fall for that one, but good luck all the same.

Now that Ashley’s out, this week’s choice for team captains is finally a little interesting. As they hoped, Mike will be a captain and eligible for limbo if his team loses, and even better…Holly’s a captain, too!

You’d think that the odds were stacked against Kevin and company, but somehow, even on opposite teams, they manage to come out on top.

Mike’s team (Mike, Gene, Jeffrey, Erica, and Joy) wins the windmill challenge, leaving Andrea scared out of her mind that she’s going to be the one going to limbo…as if this is really a life or death situation.

Little does she know, Jeffrey, Erica, and Joy think that it might be in their best interest to keep her around so she can be a team captain next week, and possibly be sent home then.

Will they really send Kevin again, knowing that he’ll end up coming back?

Not if Erica can help it. And not for any logical reason to help herself or anyone else in the game; she just wants to look at him longer. And she openly admits that. On camera. To all of America.

Maybe the secret to winning this game is hooking up with Erica!

Oh, we should mention that just as they showed in the previews, yes, Alex “Prime Time 99″ did return to the house, but only to deliver the fanswers; thankfully. And, to be fair, he did apologize for being such a douche, and explained that he was only doing what the viewers told him to do. (We didn’t tell him to keep using the nickname, though!)

So, in the end, it’s Andrea who’s heading to limbo with Holly, not Kevin.

Do you think the players made the right decision by sending Andrea into limbo instead of Kevin? Who do you think will return next week? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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