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Who Took Kim Kardashian’s Virginity? The Nanny Knows

July 16, 2012 08:00 AM by Gina Hall

Leave it to the help to write the scathing tell all book that exposes all your dirty little secrets. That’s exactly what the former “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” clan’s nanny is about to do! So what dirt did the nanny scoop up before calling it quits with Kim Kardashian and crew?

According to “Hollywood Life,” Pam Behan, a former nanny to the Kardashian children is about to release a scathing tell-all about reality television’s first family. The title of the book is called “Malibu Nanny” and it chronicles the years between 1991 through 1996 while Behan was employed by the Kardashians.

Apparently Behan knows that the boy who took Kim Kardashian’s virginity was Michael Jackson’s nephew, TJ Jackson, when Kim was just 14 years old. Kim also divulged this “secret” to Oprah, although didn’t name a name. There better be some more interesting pages in this nanny’s book if this is the best that she’s got. Kim Kardashian has had sex? Who’d have thought, you know, with the whole Ray J. sex tape thing.

The books is apparently supposed to be an “explosive” tell-all but it’s probably more likely to fizzle. The years that Behan worked for the family are when the Kardashian sisters were very young, so really what is there to tell? Kim spilled her spaghetti? Khloe cut her Barbie’s hair?

What would be weird is if Kris Jenner set the whole thing up in anticipation of making her daughter famous. Is that in the book? If so, we may get past just reading the blurb on Amazon.

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