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America’s Got Talent Recap: Dance The Night Away!

July 17, 2012 07:05 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Another twelve contestants duke it out on America’s Got Talent tonight for the honor of being named America’s most talented act…and of course, a million dollars (can’t forget the financial incentive!). Will America be subjected to another cat fight between Howard Stern and Howie Mandel? Read on for the juicy details from tonight’s episode!

It’s a night of dance on America’s Got Talent! Although not all of the performances are officially part of the dance category, many incorporate dancers. The competition is already tough in the dance department, and the addition of dancers to otherwise completely separate acts will only make things more competitive.

As Nick Cannon welcomes the audience, Howard Stern cuts in with an important question: why are the judges quitting on all the other reality shows (obviously a reference to American Idol)? Host Nick Cannon (and hubby of speculated American Idol judge Mariah Carey) thinks it has to do with the fact that America’s Got Talent is “the best show” on TV! Ironically, nobody mentions the fact that Piers Morgan recently departed AGT.

Well, one thing America’s Got Talent has got going for it is the impressive talent of the young crowd, as is evidenced by toight’s performance of dance troupe The Untouchables. Howie Mandel gives the group one of the best compliments possible: the performance didn’t look like something out of his daughter’s dance recital! And he has a point; despite their youth, the dance troupe came across as nothing less than professional tonight.

Mike Price is a superstar juggler who takes his craft to a new level. Unfortunately, Mike dropped a prop in his initial performance, earning him an X from Howard. If he has a repeat drop, it may very well be the end of the road. And…uh oh, he does drop one of the torches he’s juggling! Bummer, because it was otherwise a very entertaining performance.

It’s not hard to guess Inspire The Fire’s main goal: inspire viewers to accomplish great things! The singing is okay, but after seeing The Untouchables, it’s obvious that the dance moves are a bit lacking. Howard thinks that that the performance was worth maybe $125, but was definitely not a million-dollar prospect.

And now, for the most nerve-wracking performance of the night! Cristin Sandu is attempting something so dangerous that he feels there are two outcomes: wow the judges or leave on an ambulance. Turns out, there’s a third path. He ends up falling, but fortunately, does not get hurt. Ya gotta feel bad for the guy, but at least the judges aren’t too hard on him.

Will tonight’s b-boy find an America’s Got Talent championship Elusive? He’s certainly had his share of challenges over the years, having struggled with hearing loss and a shy personality. But he really lights up the stage tonight! Howie thinks that, if Elusive makes it through, he and Turf could be part of the best dance-off in reality TV history.

The main problem with Jake Wesley Rogers’  performance tonight? His hair! Please, Jake, please go easy on the gel. Howard Stern (aka, fellow hair disaster) approves of the hairstyle. Otherwise, his rendition of Britney Spears’ Toxic is, well, intoxicating. The judges aren’t feeling it though, mostly because they don’t approve of the song selection.

All Wheel Sports has already made its potential clear. The onproblem with the group is that it just has too much going on. With all those bikes and roller blades and trampolines and acrobatics and dancing, it comes off as a bit cluttered. Howie loves it though, saying the act could be the perfect headliner in Vegas. But he admits that it doesn’t really translate to television.

Offering America the ultimate in lyrics and rhythm is WordSpit And The Illest. Howie and Sharon thinks that the group made a bad choice in using an original song, only because America votes, in part, for its favorite songs. But Howard appreciates the band’s originality.

If you walked passed Jacob Williams on the street, you probably wouldn’t peg him as a comedian. He’s, well, awkward. But that’s what makes his performance so charming! Howie thinks Jacob is the best act of the night so far and just might go all the way!

Let’s hear it for All Beef Patty! The drag performer offers up a energetic rendition of Deniece Williams’ 80s hit Let’s Hear It For The Boy. In one night, All Beef Patty is compared to Cher, Nicki Minaj, and Nicki Minaj if she ate Big Barry. How flattering!

Okay, veto the above comment about Cristin Sandu having the most nerve-wracking performance. Spencer Horseman gets 45 seconds to release himself from a straitjacket, and bank bag, before he’s dropped 15 feet onto a lethal-looking collection of spikes. But Spencer emerges with 13 seconds to spare! The problem with the act is that the audience can only see Spencer’s silhouette wiggling around, which gets a bit dull after the first 10 seconds.

And now for, perhaps, the most unique act of the night: Lightwire Theater. Tonight, they’re showing off a set of groovy dancing birds.  What a way to end the night! This group better end up in the final, or there’s really something wrong with the voters!

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