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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Delivery Day Disaster

July 17, 2012 12:22 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Fox‘s Hell’s Kitchen, Clemenza and Royce found themselves up for elimination. Royce was eliminated, returning to Doucheville. Clemenza got a new jacket, because he’s a walking health code violation, but he’s still in the competition. Nine chefs return this week for more cruel and unusual punishment via Gordon Ramsay. Keep reading for all the details.  

Immediately following last week’s elimination, Robyn pursues an odd showmance with Clemenza. Seriously, I get it. Clemenza is a lot of pounds of pure stud muffin. Dripping in sweat and smelling like a chimney – cherry on top. Yummy.

Newsflash for Robyn, you just threw Clemenza under a bus at elimination, he’s got your number.

Tiffany, bringing her sunny personality, joins Brian and Justin for a smoke. Tiffany and Brian are immediately at each other’s throats. Tiffany is one of the most tasteless, clueless, and uncivilized reality TV contestants I’ve ever witnessed on my TV, and I admit to watching a lot of low quality TV programming. She cannot leave Hell’s Kitchen soon enough, hopefully taking Nutbush Kimmie and Crazy Jaw Robyn with her.

First Challenge

… serves no purpose, really.

Gordon Ramsay challenges the chefs to a wing-eating contest. Barbie, Tiffany, Brian, and Justin volunteer for the challenge. Everyone sits down and then Ramsay admits it’s not him they’re challenging. Cue the lights, smoke, and model holding a heavyweight belt, in walks Joey Chestnut. Who will eat 60 wings first – four chefs working as a team or one competitive eater?

Tiffany boasts, she’s got this. Dana says, “If Tiffany can eat these wings as fast as she drinks beers, we’re good.”  To sweeten the deal, Ramsay throws in $500 for the winner.

Brian is holding his own, but Tiffany is ready to hurl after, like, three wings. She’s too full of crap, she doesn’t have the room for wings. Joey Chestnut wins. Keeping it classy in Hell’s Kitchen, we’re treated to Brian and Tiffany picking their teeth for the camera.

Second Challenge

Immediately following the wings, Ramsay announces the always fun Hell’s Kitchen blind taste test.

Somebody on the red team must sit out because they have one more person than the blue team. Kimmie immediately tells her team she’ll sit out, because, get this!, she “smoked this morning.” Who on this show didn’t smoke that morning? Lame excuse. The red team should have demanded Tiffany sit out – she can’t identify some foods (namely fish) with both eyes open.

The blue team wins the challenge thanks to Brian and Justin.

Also, Justin is the first chef in Hell’s Kitchen history to get a perfect score on the taste test.

The blue team is off to enjoy a water park while the red team is in charge of Hell’s Kitchen delivery day.

The non-stop deliveries include heavy lifting, stocking, and one huge fight between Kimmie and Barbie.

When a truck full of ice shows up, Barbie decides to stay inside the truck. She lines up the huge bags for the others to grab and carry inside. Miss “I’ll sit out every challenge I can” Kimmie takes issue with Barbie’s contribution. Kimmie storms up to the truck and beeps a million beeps at Barbie. Barbie beeps some beeps back at Kimmie.

“We’re gonna expend a lot of energy today,” says Christina. “I don’t wanna do it fighting.” Is she new here? What else was she expecting?

Barbie gets out of the truck, yet Kimmie is still screaming about how many times she’s had to jog up and down the stairs. Barbie says to her, “You haven’t jogged a day in your life and your ass shows it.” Kimmie swallows Barbie whole! Not really – but wouldn’t that be cool?

Just as the red team sits back to relax, there’s another truck honking its horn outside. It’s just dinner service instructions from Ramsay.

Dinner Service

Each team has one hour to create a menu for dinner service.

Dana, Tiffany, Barbie, and Christina are filling in the menu. Kimmie feels left out. Everyone turns their noses up at her redneck suggestions.  In the end, Kimmie gets her way with bbq sauce.

Justin and Brian dominate the menu choices for the blue team.

Moving to the kitchen, Kimmie is lost, Barbie cleans muscles forever, and Clemenza disappears to clean his jacket.

Ramsay tastes the dishes.

There are only a few minor issues for the red team. Dinner service is looking good for the red team.

Ramsay is not impressed with the blue team’s dishes. Then, to make matters worse, Ramsay finds a bone in Clemenza’s dish. Ramsay is very close to kicking Clemenza out of the kitchen before dinner service even begins.

To be continued… 

Yes, another unfinished service on Hell’s Kitchen.

Crossing my fingers for a quadruple elimination tomorrow night. Is that too much to hope for? I don’t know if I can stomach another week of Tiffany, Kimmie, or Robyn. And Clemenza’s mistakes are getting embarrassing. They all need to leave. Tune in tomorrow night for the conclusion, which promises to be full of tension, stupid mistakes, and bad attitudes.

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