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MasterChef Recap: “Hey, Y’all” It’s Paula Deen

July 17, 2012 10:10 PM by Gina Hall

Continuing with the Southern theme this week, Paula Deen joins Gordon Ramsay and the MasterChef home cooks. How’s this sassy lady gonna get along with the MasterChef judges? Let’s find out…

The remaining 7 home cooks of MasterChef will face the Mystery Box Challenge and the Elimination Test. Paula Deen designed the Mystery Box which includes whole chicken, grits, hot sauce, bacon, and cream cheese. They have 60 minutes. First they get a treat. Paula Deen says family is critical for success, so the home cooks can have a picture and letter of a loved ones in the drawer as they cook. Monti has a picture of her son, Christine has a letter from her husband and Frank gets a picture of his daughter.

Becky is making some fried okra, which is Paula’s favorite. Time expires and it’s time to pick out the three standout dishes. First up is Becky with Oven-Roasted Chicken with Fried Green Tomatoes, Biscuits and Gravy. Paula  loves it. Next up is Frank with Chicken Roulade with Pepper Chutney and Spicy Potatoes. Joe calls it fancy and Graham says it’s great technique. Finally David is up with Pan-Roasted Chicken with Red Pepper Grits and Shoestring Onions. Chef Ramsay says bloody good job. Paula says it’s a great plate. The winner is Frank.


Frank will make selections for the Elimination Test tonight. The theme is Japanese food. Frank has immunity. The home cooks must to create a perfect replication of Vegetable Tempura, California Roll, two Salmon Sushi, two Yellow Tail Sushi, two Tuna Sushi and two Shrimp Sushi.

The partners are Becky and David, Felix and Monti, Christine and Stacey. They will have 60 minutes. This is a Tag Team Challenge only one of them can be cooking at one time. The judges will yell switch, then the other home cook can cook and the partner can watch and shout out help. Monti knows Japanese cuisine a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. David and Becky are squabbling. Chaos ensues and time is out everyone thinks that this is the challenge that will do them in.


Monti and Felix are up first. Joe calls it a beautiful dish and Graham says it’s glistening. Chef Ramsay is impressed.

David and Becky go second. Chef Ramsay says the meat looks like dogs chewed it. Joe says Becky was very disappointing and maybe Frank partnering strategy works.

Stacey and Christine are last and are missing the California Roll. Chef Ramsay says the cut is dreadful and that this is the worst performance from both of them. The losing team is Stacey and Christine. Stacey is going home tonight.

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One Response to “MasterChef Recap: “Hey, Y’all” It’s Paula Deen”

  1. Diana Says:
    July 18th, 2012 at 7:34 am

    We really thought that the one going home would be Felix. She should have gone home instead of the one he sent home on the prior program. We think that the two to make it to the finals will be Becky and Frank!


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