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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Blue Menu vs. Red Menu

July 18, 2012 12:01 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Fox‘s Hell’s Kitchen picks up right where last night’s show ended. The teams created their own menus for Hell’s Kitchen dinner service. Gordon Ramsay warns the nine remaining chefs, “No excuses. Your stations. Your menu. My standards!” And, with that, let’s open up Hell’s Kitchen! Who’s going to live up to Ramsay’s standards? Who’s going to fall short?  Keep reading for all the details.

Dinner Service

Robyn puts out bad appetizers for the blue team. It not her fault, of course. Justin’s dish is lame. Justin isn’t helping her. Justin set Robyn up for failure. My children blame and whine less than these adults do!

The red team is flying through their appetizers, getting ready to start their entrees.  Barbie asks Kimmie if she needs any help on meat. Huh? Did Barbie really think Kimmie would accept help from Barbie? Kimmie’s like, Hey, Barbie, see these two fat fingers (she means hands) from Memphis? I don’t need your help.

However, Kimmie’s meat is inconsistent.  Ramsay tells her that’s not good enough.

Tiffany is shoving food into her mouth. Not just taking a taste, to check her seasonings, she’s shoving it in by the spoonfuls.

In the blue kitchen, Robyn runs out of scallops, putting an end to the scallops shoved into a flower.  Robyn reconfirms the notion that she shouldn’t be allowed to mingle with the dinner guests. She has to tell the guests she’s out of scallops. She’s talking a mile a minute, “We’re out of scallops. I have the hots for Clemenza. I over cooked, nothing is MY fault,  I under cooked, Justin is stupid, and can I offer you a salad instead?” She gets her point across, but her table-side manner leaves a lot to be desired. Nevertheless, the dinner guests agree.

Brian forgets about an onion garnish, then he puts soggy onions on the pass. Dana sends raw lobsters to the dining room. Meanwhile, Tiffany is eating again. Yuck! Ramsay catches Tiffany using dirty pans.

Clemenza messes up an order, placing one sea bass instead of two. It’s not his fault, of course. He says to Ramsay, “I have the other sea bass right here,” gesturing to an empty pan. They’re all so dim-witted!

For the first time in Ramsay’s experience, raw potatoes come out of the red kitchen. Tiffany is annoyed. She says, “Can we just get done without getting yelled at?”

Perhaps if you cook the food correctly… how about that?

Then she groans, “All I have to do is take my potatoes and put them into a pan.  It’s not that hard.”

Dana told Tiffany during prep that the potatoes weren’t cooked. She couldn’t be bothered to “put them into a pan” to make sure they’re perfectly cooked for the guests. Tiffany swears she loves food more than she loves her family. She ranked her passion for the competition at a 9, so her family must rate a 7 or 8.  Beer, wine, and cigarettes are tied for 10.

Tiffany is throwing around more and more attitude because of the potatoes. Chef Andi steps in.  She says, “Tiffany, you’re the sloppiest cook I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

A “no, I’m not”/”yes, you are” argument ensues.  Chef Andi wants Tiffany out of her sight, tells her to go take a walk.

Tiffany cries that they all just made her look like an idiot.  She does that to herself.

The blue team is soooo close to the end of their service when they get kicked out of the kitchen because Brian serves raw fish.


Ramsay rips up the diners’ comment cards. Simply put, they’re all losers tonight.  Each team must nominate two for elimination. Ramsay tells the blue team they’re an embarrassment.  He reminds the red team about their raw potatoes and raw lobsters. Justin chugs Pepto Bismol while everyone argues.

Blue team nominates Robyn and Clemenza.

Robyn and Justin fight all through deliberations in the dorms and nominations in the kitchen.

Red team nominates Tiffany and Barbie.

Ramsay asks, “Barbie over Kimmie?”  I know, right? Or even Dana, because of the raw lobsters. No way, Barbie’s nominated because she makes faces.

All four of them do the “save me” song and dance.  Ramsay gives Robyn a hard time because she couldn’t get along with the red team and now she can’t get along with the blue team.  Ramsay says, “There’s nowhere else I can put you!”  How about on a bus back to where ever she came from.

There’s really no question here – Ramsay takes Tiffany‘s jacket. Tiffany is surprised she’s being eliminated so early. I’m surprised she made it this far!   The only cooking I see in Tiffany’s future is at a fly-infested truck stop. I picture Tiffany with a cigarette in one hand a greasy spoon in the other hand.

Very happy that Tiffany is gone! I’m just sad she didn’t take Robyn with her.

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