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Love In The Wild Recap: One Couple Makes A Tough Decision!

July 18, 2012 10:00 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Three couples remain on NBC‘s Love in the Wild - Ken and Yanina, Chase and Summer, and Ben and Michelle. After last week’s newlywed game, host Jenny McCarthy told the final three that they’re all moving on; however, winning the next challenge is crucial! No pressure, but the couple who finishes first this week will decide which couple goes home. Who wins and who do they send home? Keep reading for the details.

Ben and Michelle won the newlywed game, earning themselves a 30-second head start for the next challenge. They’re going to need it. Ben isn’t too swift at navigating the Wild.

Ken says the 30-second start could make or break the adventure. Chase is just glad Ken and Yanina didn’t win. He says, “We wouldn’t see them!” He’s probably right.

Will the extra time help Ben and Michelle?

The Adventure

The couples find out what’s at stake. Winning this adventure not only secures their spot in the final race, but it also gives that couple the power to choose who they’ll be racing against. This is huge! The mood changes dramatically.

Ken and Yanina and Chase and Summer put on blindfolds before Ben and Michelle begin, so they can’t witness Ben’s inability to read a map. Their 30-second lead was completely wasted. Ben even back tracks to the map several times. Poor helpless Ben. It’s a good thing he sounds so cute when he talks.

As always, Ken and Yanina are off and running like nobody’s business. They’re the first couple to move onto the second leg of the race.

This part involves horses. Ken and Yanina each pick a horse and take off without any issues. Chase grabs the shortest horse, putting his “knees in his ears,” Summer describes. Ben takes the scenic route through the Wild, completely oblivious to the fact that Michelle has been kidnapped by her monstrous horse.

Next – cave or cliff? Both sound horrific, if you ask me. I’ll take the cabana, thanks.

Chase and Summer and Ben and Michelle both choose the cave before the cliff. Ken and Yanina head to the cliff first.

There are hundreds of maps scrolled up inside the cave. The couples need to unravel the maps, looking for the right one. At the cliff, there’s only one map, but one of the two has to climb down the side of the cliff, hovering over the ocean, to get it.

Ben and Michelle have a lover’s quarrel.

The cave trips up Ken and Yanina. Ken gets frustrated, so he revisits the original map, for reasons unknown.  ”Ken sits down, reading the newspaper over there,” mocks Yanina. “When Yanina found the map, I was relieved. We spent way too much time in the cave,” says Ken. Whose fault was that, Ken?!?

Leading in to the final leg of the race, Summer and Chase are in first place. Ben and Michelle are in second place. Ken and Yanina are last, because of that break Ken took in the cave.

While the other two couples struggle to find their chests, Ken and Yanina find the bananas, find the chest, and just walk out. Ken and Yanina finish first. Chase and Summer finally find one, but they’re feeling defeated, Summer especially. Michelle finds the last chest. Michelle and Ben finish last, despite their 30-second head start.

Tough Decision

At the Oasis, Ken and Yanina discuss the decision at hand. Which couple are they going to bring to the finals? They don’t agree.

Ken wants to bring Chase and Summer. Because he’s an idiot. Says me. Says him, “If I’m competing against somebody, I want to pick the biggest, strongest person out there. I want to kick their ass.” Yanina agrees with me – Ken is being stupid.

Ken suggests they talk to the other two couples, because that’s going to go well.

Ben and Michelle argue Chase and Summer are there to compete – and nothing else.

Chase says nothing. Summer fights back against the accusation that she and Chase don’t have a real connection.  Summer tells the camera, “Ben and Michelle are just (beep)ing. It’s easy to make a connection in the bedroom.”

Couples Choice Ceremony

This is hard, guys! Yanina is crying.

Summer and Chase talk game. They want to finish the adventure next to Ken and Yanina.

Ben and Michelle want to spend as much time as they can together.

Ken and Yanina decide to take Ben and Michelle to the final adventure.

Summer and Chase are eliminated.

Which couple will win the romantic trip around the world? Tune in to Love in the Wild‘s season finale next Tuesday on NBC to find out!

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