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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Rub A Dub Dub Four Dancers Are Scrubbed

July 18, 2012 07:08 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance six dancers will be in jeopardy based on last week’s votes, and the judges will dismiss four dancers – two guys and two girls – as the Top Twenty are pared down to just sixteen. Already! Adam Shankman is sitting on the panel with Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy. Keep reading for highlights from tonight’s performances, and to find out who will survive the cut…

So You Think You Can Dance kicks off with an edgy, zombie-esque group dance performed to Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People. The costumes are black and red, the make-up is fantastic, it’s riveting and intense – love it! Skeery!

The first couple to perform are Cole and Lindsay. They do a dentist-themed routine to Show Me Your Teeth by Lady Gaga. He seems to be a nerd and she’s giving him a lap dance in the dentist’s chair – most guys would love this trip to the dentist! Lindsay seems more awkward than sexy, but it’s a laugh. Adam thinks the American Dental Association should adopt this routine for promotional purposes! The judges are impressed with ‘lean, mean, dancing machine’ Cole, but wanted Lindsay to be sexier and more of a vamp.

Next up, Amelia and Will do an angst-filled contemporary dance. They capture the mood and tell the story so dramatically! Mary screams that they were just in it! Shankman gives them a standing ovation, and Nigel comments on them immersing themselves in the fabulous choreography.

Amber and Nick tackle a tango tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. They too are dressed in red and black – love the bold colors – and their routine is sexy and captivating to watch. Amber’s kicks are insane! Adam loved it, but admits he was more focused on Amber than Nick, who seemed to disappear. Nigel also thinks Amber stood out, though Nick was strong. Mary notes that it was difficult but they made it look easy and passionate – fire out there!

Audrey and Matthew depict the power struggle between man and woman in their routine. It’s very athletic and the choreography is sharp and expressive. These people are seriously bendy – wow! The judges admit they’re one of their favorite couples – the dynamic duo!

Dareian and Janelle are in love in their 50s-themed dance to The Temptations’ My Girl. This is like jive with a funky feel to it – I absolutely love it! They get engaged at the end! Aw! The judges have an issue with the characterization and choreography being a little too simplistic and sweet. Boo.

Janaya and Brandon‘s Broadway routine takes place at a bus stop. It’s very wacky and over-the-top, but boasts some very different and eye-catching moves in the choreography – cool! The judges were very entertained by the way the dancers brought the comedy and handled the choreography.

I’m Shakin’ by Jack White is the tune for Cyrus and Eliana‘s number. It’s groovy, funky fun, and I can’t wipe the smile off my face! Cyrus’ inexperience does show as he’s a tad methodical at times – but who cares! The judges unanimously acknowledge Cyrus’ issues, but are pumped that he made it through. They mostly credit Eliana with making him look good. Nigel says America wants Cyrus to succeed – it’s true!

Alexa and Daniel perform in a bathtub tonight. Yup. Well, they start out in the antique clawfoot and move in and out of it, using it effectively as a prop for their flowing and sensual performance. I keep thinking she’s going to hit her head on the side of the tub! Gah! Shankman says it was beautiful, but chilly – he should have wanted to take a shower after that bath. Mary warns against trying ‘dance bathing’ at home. Hehe. Nigel and Mary agree that something (emotion) was missing despite the excellent technical dancing and fabulous, difficult choreography.

Tiffany and George do a ballroom dance, the Foxtrot, to I Want To Be Loved By You by Sinead O’Connor. It’s a very classic seeming routine with a touch of swank! Boop-boop-be-do! Mary screams over the gliding across the floor, Adam was madly in love with the 40s vibe, and Nigel says they gave a lesson to every other couple on the show about how to connect.

It’s a Bollywood routine for Chehon and Witney. The moves seem odd right at the beginning, but it becomes so riveting and the music is catchy – it’s infectious fun! These two dancers do the genre well. Adam says it was perfect for them. Mary shouts that Chehon was on fire! Nigel is amazed by the choreography Witney tackled given that she’s probably never even done plies before! It’s a come up from their samba last week.

Cat Deeley calls the Top Twenty together on stage and calls out Janaya, Alexa, Witney, Nick, Daniel, and Chehon – the six dancers in danger tonight.  Nigel tells Cat they don’t need to see anyone re-dance.

A promo is shown for Step Up: Revolution due in theaters July 27. Former So You Think You Can Dance contestants Twitch, Phillip, Tony, and Katherine are in it, Adam Shankman produces, and Mia Michaels and Travis Wall are also involved. Can’t wait! The four former contestants perform live.

It’s moment of truth time. Nigel points out that they are not voting out anyone – only saving people who are on the bottom of the votes. He says that after speaking to the other judges and choreographers, they’ve decided to save Witney and Chehon.

Alexa, Janaya, Nick, and Daniel are leaving the competition. Do you agree with the judges decision?

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