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Million Dollar Listing LA Recap: Circus “Freaks” Help Josh Flagg Sell A House

July 19, 2012 01:02 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Bravo‘s Million Dollar Listing LA, Josh Altman and Josh Flagg both closed deals. Madison Hildebrand secured a new listing; however, the house was still under construction and far from being ready for showings. What’s up next for Josh and Josh? And will Madison be able to sell the Malibu home once it is complete? Keep reading for highlights from tonight’s episode of Million Dollar Listing LA!

Josh Altman, real estate’s biggest ego, lands another high profile client this week. Josh meets up with Orlando Scandrick, who plays for the Dallas Cowboys, while he’s looking at one very overpriced and ugly orange car. Orlando is looking to establish some roots in California. He tells Josh he’s looking for a new home between two and six million in the Hollywood Hills area.  Orlando’s all like, “I’m not going to waste your time, so don’t waste mine.”

Then Orlando proceeds to waste Josh’s time. Josh shows Orlando an impressive six million dollar home. Might as well start at the top of the price range, right? Josh Altman is no dummy! This house is 6,000 square feet with amazing views and a beautiful (and scary looking) infinity pool. Looking at a house like that, thinking maybe it could be mine, would have had me peeing in my pants. Orlando, on the other hand, was more interested in what was happening on his cell phone.

Josh is wondering – is it me or the house that he’s not feeling? I can’t imagine anyone not feeling this house. Josh? That I can imagine.

Orlando admits that he thinks this house hunting stuff is super lame, so he’s going to pass the task over to his financial advisor.

Josh meets up with Orlando’s financial advisor at a new house. This house is “only” four million, right in the middle of the price range Orlando suggested. The house offers a view of the HOLLYWOOD sign and a killer two-story master bedroom suite.  Orlando’s advisor isn’t happy with the price. He has a more realistic idea about what Orlando can afford, suggesting Josh find a house for around two million.

Madison Hildebrand calls his client Michael for an update on the Malibu home. It’s done. Now Madison needs a hook, to bring people back to a house they already saw. He comes up with the idea to host an art show inside the house. There are a ton of people at the open. Then, after the open, there’s a lot of traffic going through the house. Still, Madison struggles to sell it.

An agent approaches Madison with a lease offer.  Madison takes the offer back to Michael – $10,000 a month for one year. Michael isn’t happy about the lease offer. Madison makes a good argument. Michael says he will not consider it for less than two years. The buyer offers 18 months. Michael accepts.

In other Madison news, apparently he’s dodging calls from Heather. You may ask, Heather who?

When Madison’s new and improved assistant tells Madison that Heather called, he asks, “Heather Heather?” She answers, “Heather Heather Heather.” Oh, right, that Heather. Seriously – how many Heathers does Madison know?

Once they establish which Heather has been calling, we learn that Madison offered Heather a two-week severance. Apparently Heather refused to accept it, and now she’s demanding commission for houses that closed after she was fired. Madison refuses to talk to her. He tells new and improved assistant that if Heather calls again, she’s to tell Heather to put her request in writing.

Josh Flagg, my favorite fancy realtor, starts out at the grocery store. Colton, Josh’s boyfriend, is shopping for healthy foods while Josh is enjoying a snack. He enjoys something out of a container. Then he puts the package, minus one, back on the store shelf.  Colton and Josh are walking down an aisle at a snail’s pace. Out of nowhere, Colton tells Josh to stop rushing, because they’re still shopping.

Colton continues to find healthy foods for Josh to eat. Josh looks puzzled and less than thrilled. He picks up a mystery veggie in the produce section and bites into it. Colton is like, “what is your problem?!” They’re so funny. I’d love to just follow them around every day.

Colton and Josh go out to eat to celebrate their fourth anniversary. Josh is amazed that anyone has put up with him for four years. Colton is thinking about the next four years. He tells Josh he wants a house. Josh wants a door attendant. Colton wants kids. Josh wants a dog. Seeing Josh’s reaction to the mere mention of kids, I’m guessing he also wants another martini.

Josh is struggling to find the right words. He doesn’t want to be a father anytime soon, if ever. Colton looks devastated.

Josh is co-listing a new property. This house is 11,000 square feet with 10 freaking bathrooms, a party room, and unique (ugly) hand-blown glass chandeliers. Seeing the house for the first time, Josh looks horrified. Gucci, the homeowner’s dog, looks embarrassed.

During a tour of the house, the homeowner points out Gucci’s favorite and least favorite rooms, because rich people are funny.

Josh realizes that in order to sell this house, he’s going to have to think outside of the box. So, naturally, he brings in circus performers. Welcome to Josh’s open – “food, lots of alcohol, and circus freaks.” He thinks the odd house will look a little more normal when it’s full of circus performers. Interesting approach.

Josh Altman and Heather stop by the circus open. Josh Flagg is out of the loop. Heather fills in Josh, she is living with Josh and Madison fired her. Josh is surprised to hear all of this. Heather says, “Betrayal, it happens.” Josh Altman says, “Enough about somebody who doesn’t do sh*t, show us the house.” While they’re off looking at the house…

In walks Madison!  Sweet!

And that’s the end. What a letdown! Next week on Million Dollar Listing LA, maybe a house or two will be shown, but most definitely drinks will be thrown and insults will fly. Josh is going to need more than a few circus freaks to distract the open guests from the fight between Josh, Madison, and Heather. Next Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

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  1. stewie Says:
    July 23rd, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    I can’t wait for next Wednesday either! They may need a referee and a steel cage when Josh/Heather and Madison go at it next week. That should liven up the party!


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