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Project Runway Recap: “This Is Better Than Sex!”

July 19, 2012 08:41 PM by Shayla Perry

Ten seasons later and we’re still loving Project Runway just as much as we did in the beginning. With 16 new designers and more demanding challenges, Heidi Klum and company promise that things are going to be bigger and better this time around. Better than sex? That’s a matter of opinion (and kind of a sad thought), but already, we can tell that it is haute! What did you miss in the season premiere? Tonight on Lifetime….

The 16 designers arrive at Parsons School of Design; some who are new to the Project Runway experience, some – like Gunnar Deatherage – who are returning in search of redemption, and then there’s Kooan Kosuke, who’s um… definitely a standout, so far.

A talented standout, but extremely quirky. And we mean that in the nicest way possible.

Of course, the episode doesn’t really begin for us until the one and only Tim Gunn walks into the workroom to let everyone know their challenge: to create a companion look for the signature piece they created before the show.

And because it’s the 10th season (which we’ve heard many times by now), the designers will be starting things off in a big, big way; presenting the looks at one of the largest, most popular venues in the country — Times Square!!! No pressure.

Okay, correction: The episode doesn’t OFFICIALLY begin until Tim utters those three words we’ve waited so long to hear, “Make it work!” And that, they do.

After sketching their designs, the contestants head out to purchase fabric before returning to the workroom.

It’s not long before personalities start to clash, and we can already see that there are some hot heads in the bunch (Yes, Christopher Palu, we’re lookin’ at you!).

As if the experience hasn’t been crazy enough, the designers finally get to their apartment, which we’re sure is a big step up for “freegan” Fabio Costa. But before you know it, they’re back to work, racing against the clock to get their pieces ready before the runway show.

When they arrive at Times Square, the designers are blown away, but again, there’s no time to even take a breath and absorb the moment, with Heidi Klum coming out to introduce the judges and start the show.

The crowd loves Kooan’s looks, and Kooan is loving the energy from the crowd. What do the judges think of his designs though?

Gunnar, Fabio, Andrea Katz, Alicia Hardesty, Buffi Jashanmal, Sonjia Williams, and Dmitry Sholokhov are happy to be in the middle of the bunch, with scores that allow them to move on in the competition.

Beatrice Guapo‘s knit looks don’t go over very well with the judges, and they worry that Kooan’s designs run the risk of being too cartoony, but Heidi simply loooves Christopher’s gown. His black dress, not so much…but that gown!

Ven Budhu is also a fave, who the judges think could go far with a little guidance.

The winner of the challenge, not surprisingly, is Christopher, which seems to have Gunnar seething (we smell a rivalry!).

As the designers are saved, one by one, it’s finally down to Lantie Foster and Beatrice, who’s the first to be “out” this season.

What did you think of the season premiere of Project Runway? Do think the right person won the challenge? Did the right person get eliminated? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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