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The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose Recap

July 22, 2012 08:05 PM by Candace Young

Emily Maynard chose Jef Holm on the season finale of The Bachelorette. Now, on After the Final Rose, she will see Arie again for the first time since dumping him, and we’ll find out how she and Jef are doing as a couple. Keep reading for highlights…

Emily joins Chris Harrison in a skin tight purple dress in front of the live audience for After the Final Rose, talks about how Jef makes her laugh, and shows off her rock. Her stomach hurts at the prospect of seeing Arie Luyendyk Jr again, though she has things to say to him.

Arie is brought out and tells Chris Harrison that watching the show really helped him understand, but admits that at the time, he was shocked and didn’t feel any closure. He tells Emily he still loves her. Emily apologizes to him again, and tells him that in the end she just had more confidence in what she shared with Jef. Arie tells her he wishes she would have said to him what she said to Chris at the time.

Arie talks about how difficult it was to go home afterwards with the heartbreak. He couldn’t go out and hide his feelings, so actually flew to North Carolina to see Emily! When he got there, he thought the better of it given his respect for Jef and Ricki, and called her instead to let her know she could read his journal – he left it at her house. Emily pulls out the journal. She says she didn’t read it because they are his memories and she didn’t think it would help anything.

In retrospect, Arie realizes it was the wrong thing for him to do – he loves her and Jef and is glad they are happy – but at the time he thought it might change things. Emily admits if Jef hadn’t been on the show, it might have been her and Arie sitting there happy. They establish that Emily could have handled things better when she dumped Arie. Bah – I thought she did fine. Arie says he’s spoken to Jef and their happiness helped him to move on and get to a better place.

Emily is next reunited with her fiance, Jef, in front of the live audience. Chris congratulates them publicly for the first time. They joke that they feel like they just met ‘out and about’ rather than on a show. Jef asks how much time they have when Chris wonders what he loves about Emiy. Jef goes on and on without missing a beat. Emily laughs, “I’ll pay him later.”

Jef says they’ve been shipped off to secret locations most weekends and Ricki has joined them on some of them. A photo is shown of Ricki and Jef fishing. He says it’s so much more and better than he expected being a ‘dad’ to Ricki. Emily jokes that he bribes Ricki with cookies.

Emily and Jef haven’t seen their proposal on TV yet. Chris plays it back for them. Jef truly is an eloquent speaker! Emily remarks on his genuine words when they’re finished watching. Chris jokes about her loooong moment of hesitation before she said yes. Emily reiterates that she was scared to be the girl who gets engaged 15 times before being married.

Chris asks about the future. They kiss and exchange ‘I love you’s. Jef says they’re planning to go to Africa and build wells and help out. Chris admits leaving the country after all this is a great idea! When they return, Jef will move to Charlotte in order to avoid uprooting Ricki. They’ll live separately, but plan their wedding. When Chris asks for a time frame, Emily says she’d love a spring wedding.

Will they make it against The Bachelor franchise odds? I hope so – love this couple!

Bachelor Pad 3 starts tomorrow night!

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One Response to “The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose Recap”

  1. Eve Says:
    July 23rd, 2012 at 11:06 am

    I have loved these two together from the beginning. I sincerely hope they make it as a family, and they have the fairy tale life that they all deserve.


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