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The Bachelorette Finale Recap: The Dreaded ‘I’m Sorry’…Emily’s Choice

July 22, 2012 07:15 PM by Candace Young

Last week on The Bachelorette it was Emily Maynard’s edition of The Men Tell All, and the men mainly dissed each other! Emily herself went head-to-head with Kalon McMahon, the self-important jerk who called her daughter Ricki ‘baggage’, and refused to accept his insincere apology. This week, Emily must choose between finalists Jef Holm and Arie Leyendyk Jr. What will happen? Keep reading to find out about the ‘intense, emotional ending

The week kicks off in Curacao, with Emily claiming to still not know which of the guys she is going to choose. Really? She’s also still not sure about Ricki meeting the guys – she’s leery after her experience with The Bachelor, Brad Womack. Can’t blame her there! Emily’s family will join her on The Bachelorette to help her decide, and to weigh in on Arie and Jef.

Jef nervously meets Emily’s parents, her brother, and her future sister-in-law. Emily’s mother, who sounds like Lauren Bacall, takes Jef aside. She seems to be searching for cracks in his level of commitment. Jef proclaims he wants to marry Em and be with her, having fun with her, forever. Needless to say, mom’s won over. Emily’s brother, Ernie, who resembles a Ken doll and has a low southern drawl that could curl your toes, levels with Jef – Emily’s never felt the same about any man since she lost her husband, Rick. Again Jef makes a direct speech that appears to win Ernie over. Last hurdle? Dad. Without any problem, Jef gets approval to propose. It’s a clean sweep for Jef.

Next up is Arie, who is facing an uphill battle. Emily’s dad doesn’t even understand why they need to meet him after yesterday. Yike! Arie tells mom he’s dated a single mother before, so he knows Ricki is a huge part of Emily’s life. Mom is now torn between Arie and Jef. Ernie asks if Arie’s in this to win a competition. Arie talks about love and being ready to propose. Ernie also ends up confused. Dad talks to Arie about taking on the responsibility of Ricki. Arie asks for his blessing to marry Emily. Dad gives it, but says it’s Emily’s decision. Emily tells Arie he killed it as she sees him off.

As expected, it’s a tie between the men as far as the family goes, and Emily is insisting she needs help to decide. Surprising! At this point, she should know which man she has greater feelings for, right? If she truly doesn’t…perhaps she doesn’t have strong enough feelings for either of them!

The family’s no help – they have no preference. Emily wonders if they are holding back, but they insist they’re not. Ernie feels if she doesn’t know at this point, he can’t choose for her. Emily’s dad calls her out on whether she can be in love with two people. Emily seems cheesed off that no one will tell her what to do. Mom tells her to wait on any kind of engagement until they’ve met Ricki, which makes Emily question everything – maybe she’s not ready to get engaged at all. Bah!

Emily’s still a basket case going into her final date with Jef. They meet on the beach and she admits she’s stressed. Jef tells her he’s not anxious at all. He mentions meeting Ricki and gives another of his heartfelt speeches. Emily waffles, tells him she still feels guilty about introducing Ricki to Brad and it not working out, and won’t agree to introduce them. Jef asks how she would feel in his position. Emily admits she’d think it was weird. Awkward! Suddenly, she has a change of heart and decides he can meet Ricki today. Can’t keep up here, Em!

Jef meets Ricki by the pool where Emily’s family is staying. Ricki soon has him joining her in the water – he even wears hot pink goggles! Later, they play with a crab and just hang out. It all seems to go extremely well.

That night, Jef and Emily recap the day with Ricki and make out. It’s all a little ‘polite’ for my taste – where’s the passion? Jef gives Emily a book about Curacao – it could be where they get engaged after all. She laughs at the stick drawings of them he’s added throughout the pages. So cute! More pecks, ‘thank yous’ and honey talk ensues. They part ways.

Chris Harrison meets with Emily the next morning – something’s clearly up. She tells Chris she was terrified she would get to the final day and still not know which guy to choose, but she’s certain after yesterday that it’s Jef. Wow!

The downside is that she can’t even be happy about Jef because she feels so bad about Arie. She doesn’t think she can go through with their date today. Chris says she knows what she has to do. He advises her to be as honest with Arie as she’s been with him.

Arie meets with a woman who wants to teach him how to make a love potion. As he picks flowers, he goes on about how he’s getting engaged tomorrow. Oh, this could get ugly….

Emily arrives to meet Arie and is immediately faced with the love potion. Ack! Unsuspecting Arie compliments her on her necklace before she bursts into tears. She chokes out a speech about how much she cared for him from the beginning. Slowly, it begins to dawn on him that he’s getting the boot. It’s confirmed when she utters the dreaded, “I’m sorry.”¬† He looks perturbed as she protests that she really did think it was going to be the two of them for the longest time. He kisses her cheek and starts to walk away. She stops him. Once Arie’s in the vehicle and gone, she retires to a picnic table to sob it out. Arie tells the camera that he feels ripped off and she is the love of his life.

In the live studio audience, Chris Harrison checks in with Bachelor franchise vets Ashley H, JP, Deanna, Mike Stagliano, and Ashley S, who all feel bad for Arie, but think Emily played it right.

Emily wakes up with a heart full of love and can’t wait to tell Jef that he’s the only one still there, and the only one who got to meet Ricki. Jef, meanwhile, is picking out a rock to put on Em’s finger. He rolls up his skinny jeans for one last stroll up the beach as he chats to the camera about how perfect Emily is for him. Aw…

Leading up to the big moment, both Jef and Emily do a lot of talking about how scared they are, and that they’re not sure about getting engaged. With the drama factor boosted sufficiently, Chris Harrison takes Jef to meet Emily. They exchange pleasantries. So odd.

Emily tells Jef they are soulmates, and his is the one for her – so much so, that he is the only one who met Ricki, and is the only one still there – she didn’t even go on a date with Arie yesterday. Jef feels like the luckiest man in the world. He talks about how they ‘click’ and how it was all meant to be…he’s so in love with her. He is thankful she didn’t give up on love, because he found his everything Jef says what he’s about to ask her isn’t empty words that will be lost in a few years…it’s a ‘forever’ thing. On bended knee, he proposes. She accepts! A video montage of the pair set to an Air Supply song follows – Glory of Love if you must know. Ricki joins them and they all walk off holding hands. Who’s got the kleenex?!

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4 Responses to “The Bachelorette Finale Recap: The Dreaded ‘I’m Sorry’…Emily’s Choice”

  1. michael Says:
    July 22nd, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    emily obviously has issues…. id love to talk to her baby daddy or ex boyfriends to see just what her problem is….. jeff has no idea what he is getting into..he’s whipped already….pitiful!

  2. Christine McDow Says:
    July 23rd, 2012 at 4:43 am

    Michael, you clearly don’t know much about Emily. Her “baby daddy” as you put it came from a very distinguished, famous racing family, was her fianc√©, and died in a plane crash, along with some of his siblings, before Emily ever found out she was pregnant.

  3. julie Says:
    July 23rd, 2012 at 10:41 am

    While Air Supply may or may not have recorded “Glory of Love,” the song on the show was performed by Peter Cetera formerly of Chicago(the music group)who had a very successful solo career in the 80′s, including this hit which is on the soundtrack of one of the Karate Kid movies. Your youth is showing.

  4. S Banks Says:
    July 23rd, 2012 at 11:03 am

    I enjoyed the season but don’t see this working; she couldn’t make a decision so only went the one who got the first chance to meet her daughter and it went well and I wonder if anyone has noted the strange face that Jef looks very similar to her deceased first husband, Rick Hendricks. Something not right. Think she still has unresolved issues.


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