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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Men All Pause

July 22, 2012 09:08 PM by Shayla Perry

Note to Bravo: If the rest of this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is nothing but scenes with the husbands interacting, we’re perfectly fine with that. In fact, after watching Teresa Giudice teach her daughter to put her money in her boobies and Jacqueline Laurita spill her “screaming orgasm” in the middle of a business meeting, we’re begging you…please let the rest of this season be nothing but the guys. Besides, they’ve got a lot of their own drama going on, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet! All the highlights and some of the low-lights ( read: the ladies’ usual drama) from tonight’s episode after the jump.

As Teresa yaps on about building her empire, while simultaneously knocking Bethenny Frankel‘s “diet-y” tasting Skinnygirl drinks and forgetting how to pronounce her own last name, Joe Giudice prepares for a day of drinking and his favorite pastime – a good old fashioned game of “How Many Insults Can I Hurl at My Wife in 30 Seconds?” He always manages to outdo himself! And this time, he did it while embarrassing Teresa in front of her business associates, so…bonus points!

That isn’t a problem, but for some reason, Kathy and Rich showing up and being supportive of Teresa’s book signing is; especially when Kathy innocently says that the desserts in Tre’s cookbook are her mother’s recipes, not Teresa’s mother’s, as she claims.

Of course, Teresa’s not gonna let that one slide.

At Kathy’s tasting event (which EVERYONE attends), Teresa says that she’s not going to bring up Kathy’s “passive-aggressive” dig, then proceeds to not-so-passively knock just about everything, before running into Jacqueline.

Just as we’re getting ready to brace ourselves for major drama, the conversation seems to be over, and the two of them are…hugging? WTH?!

Don’t worry. Neither of them is letting their guard down, and besides, Teresa’s not worried about her friendship with Jacqueline anymore; she’s more concerned about her brother and Melissa. Isn’t that ironic?

Just in case that’s not true (because seriously, do we really believe that one?!), Jacqueline’s husband, Chris, invites all of the husbands to his house to make sure the trip to Napa is free of any bulls–t.

Unless they plan on leaving their wives at home, we’re pretty sure there’s going to be at least some drama, but good effort anyway guys.

The conversation is going really well until Juicy Joe arrives and immediately starts accusing Jacqueline of bringing up s–t from the tabloids.

Somehow, Danielle Staub makes her way into the conversation yet again.

For someone who’s not on the show anymore, she sure is talked about a LOT. Bravo should consider her adding her to the credits, or at least paying her. Or are they paying her?!

Anyway, as soon he’s done talking, Joe’s done with the conversation and is looking at his phone, which sets Chris off…even if he doesn’t exactly show it.

Then, it’s Joe vs. Joe, with the two men arguing over tools, of all things, and we swear, you can almost see Chris dying inside a little.

We wonder who’s going to be the bigger problem in Napa — the women or the men?

Ready or not, California, here they come! (And we apologize on their behalf.)

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Photo Credit: Bravo

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