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Did Jennifer Lopez Leave American Idol Because Of Money? Do We Care?

July 23, 2012 10:13 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Have you heard? American Idol is missing a few judges! Joking, obviously. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’re fully aware that both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will no longer be forced to drink Coca-Cola for the cameras or have to endure those lame group numbers and Ford videos. Good for them! While there hasn’t been much chatter over Tyler’s choice to leave Idol, Lopez continues to dispel rumors surrounding her exit.  The latest rumor being that she held out for more cash. Those close to Jennifer Lopez insist money was not a factor in her decision to leave American Idol.  More after the jump!

Rumors suggest Jennifer Lopez refused to return to American Idol for a third season without a $2 million raise. Lopez went to American Idol for $15 million and scored a sweet $5 million raise for the second year. It’s not hard to believe that Jennifer Lopez held out for even more cash to stick around for season 12 of American Idol.

However, sources close to the star tell People magazine that’s not the case, insisting she’s simply changing her focus from music and Idol to family and films. Jennifer Lopez herself has reiterated this notion several times since announcing she will not be returning to Idol.

“I do miss doing films. I feel like the last two years with American Idol, I’ve really, really focused on, you know, my music. It was all kind of very synergistic, it worked really well together,” shares Lopez. “Movie work is something that I really loved, it’s how I kind of started in this business, and it doesn’t leave you. I am an actress, I need to do that, too.”

Its seems as if Jennifer Lopez never even entertained the idea of returning to American Idol for a third season, despite reports that Fox offered the star a “comparable offer to last year’s salary.” Still, rumors persist – “Jennifer Lopez was fired!” “Jennifer Lopez was greedy!”  Does it really matter? Let’s move on.

With both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez out, there has to be a nice sum of cash sitting in Fox’s lap. Who’s going to get it?

It sounds like Mariah Carey is very close to signing on the dotted line, though not for the cool (and ridiculous) sum of $100 million. More likely, Fox will pay Carey closer to $17 million for her time and expertise pretty face. Sorry, I’m not sold that she’s the right one for the job, but nobody asked me.

Many other names have been thrown around, ranging from Carrie Underwood (great idea!) to Aretha Franklin to Ruben Studdard (surely, they jest!).  Of course, until the official announcement, it’s all just speculation.

For the 18 of you who still watch American Idol, who would you like to see sitting behind the judges’ table?

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