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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Eight Chefs Choke On Southern Cuisine

July 23, 2012 11:29 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Fox‘s Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay declared both teams losers. Robyn, Clemenza, Barbie, and Tiffany all found themselves on the chopping block. Clemenza and Barbie escaped any real danger. Elimination came down to Tiffany and Robyn. In the end, Tiffany’s bad attitude and disgusting habits in the kitchen outweighed Robyn’s inability to play nice with others. With only eight chefs remaining in Hell’s Kitchen, which one will be the next to lose their jacket?


The contestants go head to head this week, cooking up some down-home southern goodness. The judge for this challenge is Tanya Steel, Editor-in-Chief of Epicurious.com. The contestants are star struck.

Barbie vs. Clemenza – catfish and collard greens. Clemenza admits he doesn’t even know what collard greens are. The point for this round goes to Barbie.

Kimmie vs. Brian – pork chop and grits. Brian’s dish looks lovely. Unfortunately, the pork is RAW! Kimmie’s pork and grits get rave reviews. Still, she gets the point by default.

Christina vs. Justin – fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. Christina’s batter is soggy. Justin’s macaroni and cheese impresses the judge. Justin gets the first point for the blue team.

Dana vs. Robyn – meatloaf and sweet potatoes. Robyn’s dish looks nice on the plate, but she overdid the salt. Dana cinches the win for the red team.

Wonders never cease, the red team actually wins a challenge! Dana’s dish is chosen as the best overall and will be featured on Epicurious.com.

The red team takes part in a photo shoot with Gordon Ramsay and Tanya Steel. Then, Kimmie, Christina, Barbie, and Dana enjoy lunch at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Barbie is overjoyed that she’s going to eat. She acts as if she hasn’t eaten since entering Hell’s Kitchen. Dana talks game at lunch, which instantly irritates Barbie. Barbie gives her the evil eye.

As the losing team, the blue team has to prep both kitchens for dinner service. This is not your regular dinner prep. Not only is there a completely new menu, Clemenza, Justin, Brian, and Robyn are forced to churn butter and make bread from scratch.

Churning the butter is, at best, disturbing to watch. It was quite physical – I’ll spare you the Clemenza descriptions. Next, after all that physical labor, the blue team has to make dinner rolls. Making up for any potential calories burned while making butter, Clemenza eats his way through making the rolls. One roll for dinner service, two for Clemenza. The rest of the blue team is like, Dude, stop eating  the rolls!

Dinner Service

Tonight’s dinner service is another smashing success embarrassment for Hell’s Kitchen. 

As the contestant who has been boasting about her down-home southern Nutbush roots since entering Hell’s Kitchen, Kimmie should kill this dinner service. Gordon Ramsay has high expectations. He expects Kimmie to inspire her team to do great things with the menu.

The red starts strong with Dana’s crab cakes. They sail right through their appetizers, quickly moving onto entrees.

Then, Kimmie chokes under the pressure. Kimmie struggles to serve acceptable catfish.

Meanwhile, in the blue kitchen, Brian places oysters that look like “balls of snot.” He recovers, then messes up again on entrees. Brian angers Ramsay with his ill-placed sarcasm. Ramsay kicks him out. Brian leaves but works up the courage to come back, to fight for his spot. It was a bold move. Ramsay lets him stay.

Not for long though, as Robyn repeatedly serves raw chicken, getting the entire blue team kicked out of the kitchen. Still struggling with fish, the red team is kicked out too. Kimmie is crying – surprise, surprise.


Gordon Ramsay demands each team nominate one person for elimination.

Blue team nominates Robyn. Red team nominates Kimmie.

Considering how often Robyn has been up for elimination and her obvious lack of social skills, you’d think she’d be leaving Hell’s Kitchen. Instead, Ramsay eliminates Kimmie, telling her she’s a little too Nutbush for gourmet.

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