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MasterChef Exclusive Interview: Stacey Amagrande

July 23, 2012 04:00 PM by Gina Hall

She may be one tough cookie, but it wasn’t a cookie that did her in. It was the sushi plate that knocked Stacey Amagrande off of MasterChef. What did this top contender have to say about Gordon Ramsay and the MasterChef experience?

Stacey was managing a farmer’s market when she chanced upon the flyer for the MasterChef audition. “I watch everything that Gordon Ramsay’s ever done…the opportunity just fell in my lap.”

And she acknowledges that while she doesn’t look like anyone you would think would be a MasterChef, she also had to learn not to prejudge who might be a good chef when she went to the top 100. “Do not judge a book by its cover. You think you know who will make it. I mean, David Martinez, you wouldn’t look at him and think — gourmet food.”

“You’d look at me and say ‘That b*#@h doesn’t cook…but you just don’t know.”

The trifle challenged happened to be her favorite if for no other reason than it’s was a odd habit of hers to make trifle. “I make it all the time…one thing you didn’t see on the show was Gordon Ramsay running off to the lounge with my trifle so he could have it all to himself, he didn’t want the other judges to get a taste!”

But when it came to the elimination, she thought the judges decision was just. “I had worked with Christine before,” she lamented, “but not one on one…our communication broke down. I was thinking, if I were a blind person what would I need to hear, but I just couldn’t communicate.”

But don’t worry too much for Stacey, she told us as of today she’s booking a plane ticket to Hawaii in hopes of opening up a catering business in paradise. She also is 80 recipes into a cookbook. She hopes to open up her own restaurant in Hawaii someday. Good luck Stacey!

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Photo Credit: FOX

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