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The Glass House Recap: “More Weiners Than Vaginas”

July 23, 2012 09:06 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on ABC, with Holly and Andrea both in limbo, for the first time, there are more guys than girls in The Glass House, which ironically means more drama. What happened?

This week on The Glass House

After losing Ashley, and with both Holly and Andrea stuck in limbo, Kevin and Mike’s alliance is dwindling, but it looks like that could change after tonight, when things get decidedly er– complicated.

Using Jeffrey as a judge, Joy and Erica decide to have a kissing contest, which of course results in Erica in Kevin’s bed…doesn’t everything?

(BTW, the winner of that one was split — Joy won for showmanship, but Erica took home the prize for authenticity. And Gene was noticeably either turned on or p—ed off.)

Kevin immediately asks Stephanie to come get Erica, which embarrasses her. Maybe she’ll remember that embarrassment the next time she throws herself at him on national television. Or maybe not…she was drinking again.

And what better time to discuss the issue than at a toga party…when they’re drinking…again.

When Mike walks into the room and tells everyone about the conversation Erica and Kevin are having, Joy goes after him, saying that it’s not his place to talk about it. She goes a tad too far, bringing up the fact that Kevin’s raising a daughter, insinuating that he’s not setting a good example, which causes Gene to speak up.

Somehow, the whole thing turns then into an argument between Gene and Joy, and she goes MENTAL when she sees him in Stephanie’s bed talking to her about everything.

Luckily, Andrea’s back from limbo (sorry Holly!) because what we really needed was another semi-sane woman to put an end to this drama.

And a challenge!

Once again, Mike is a team captain, but this time, he’s going against Stephanie, who received the least number of votes.

Mike, Andrea, and Kevin are THRILLED. Could a comeback be on the horizon?

Not if Stephanie can help it, because it’s a puzzle challenge. Yeah, we’re predicting that her logical thinking is going to come in handy here.

Mike puts the puzzle-solving in Gene’s hands, and Gene decides to skip around instead of doing things in order, like Stephanie. Mike starts to second-guess himself, but it appears that he’s as much of a problem as Gene.

The strategy doesn’t pay-off, because Stephanie’s team wins by about 6 minutes.

So, now they have to decide who to send into limbo with Mike.

Jeff thinks it’s a smart move to have everyone vote him in, with the hope that he’ll be back next week and Mike will be eliminated. Will it work?!

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  1. rhonda Says:
    August 12th, 2012 at 12:20 am

    Wasnt holly the stupid receptionist on an epidode of tabithas salon takeover from about 2 years ago in los angeles? I think candolyn’s salon los angeles. This girl was awlful at answering phones…lolz


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