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America’s Got Talent Recap: The Final 12 Go Balls Out

July 24, 2012 07:16 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

The final 12 groups are fighting for their lives on tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent. The sad thing is, some of the best acts are included in this bunch, meaning that several talented groups and individuals will be sent packing tomorrow. How do judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern respond to tonight’s batch of competitors? Keep reading to find out!

Judges Sharon, Howie and Howard are quick to praise tonight’s performers before they even step up on stage! But they have a point; several of the most impressive acts seem to have been saved in order to add an extra level of drama to the night. Really, America’s Got Talent? Couldn’t these have been spread out over the first three shows?

It’s time to head outside, because David “The Bullet” Smith is up first! His talent is, obviously, a dangerous one, which, of course, is why Howard Stern loves it so much. This time, a football theme is added to the act, with David attempting a 40-yard field goal. And…he makes it, no problem! A unique perspective is added through the “Cannon cam” (which involves the actual cannon, not Nick Cannon). Just looking at the camera is dizzying; the real thing must be terrifying!  The judges are happy with David’s performance, although Sharon Osbourne thinks that it could be improved with “a bed of alligators on fire.” Howie suggests that David shoots himself out of Nick Cannon. Umm, Howie, this is a family show!

The clogging group that comes out on stage next is All That! These cloggers have excellent rhythm, but the very nature of their act may hold them back. How many viewers will pick up the phone for cloggers? We’ll just have to wait and see.

You’d think having Big Barry on the show would be bad enough, but Ulysses actually makes Big Barry look pretty talented. Howard and Sharon give Ulysses the X’s he deserves, but Howie once again seems to be a little confused as to what exactly constitutes a million-dollar act. Sorry Howie, this isn’t it.

Well, the good thing about Ulysses is that it can only get better. And it does, thanks to Joe Castillo and his amazing sand paintings! Tonight’s theme is environmentalism, with Joe creating some several spectacular wildlife images. The judges praise Joe’s artistry, but Howie tells him to leave the “stupid hat” behind. Amen to that!

Sebastien El Chorro  is going to be quite the ladies man when he’s older! He plans to serenade his future girlfriend. And what a lucky gal she shall be! Tonight, he’s singing about love, and his voice is amazing as usual. Howie thinks Sebastien’s headed all the way for the top, and it’s hard to not agree with that prediction. And if Sebastien’s performance wasn’t enough to attract Sharon’s vote, his flirtation certainly was! Watch out Ozzy!

Eric Dittelman’s mind reading act is one of those that viewers either love or hate. This time, Dittelman is pursuing his dream of being a game show host, modeling his performance off of Howie’s main gig, Deal Or No Deal. Dittelman decides ahead of time that Howie is going to choose box 4…and he’s right!

You’ve never seen an instrument quite like William Close’s Earth Harp! Not only is the construction of the massive instrument impressive in its own right, William’s performance skills are out of this world! Howard suggests giving William the million dollars on the spot, because nobody else is even going to come close. Yes, William is amazing, but isn’t a little early to make that kind of a prediction?

Unity In Motion has the perfect combination of flexibility, strength, balance, agility and grace. Unfortunately, as Howard says, “this is a difficult, difficult night” and the girls might not get through. Howie doesn’t think that Unity In Motion can meet the bar that has already been set so high by William Close.

Eric and Olivia must be sick of hearing about how they’re not dating. But we’ll never be sick of hearing Olivia’s beautiful voice! Tonight, they take a big risk by singing Dynamite. Will it pay off? Howie doesn’t think so. He compares them to a lounge act, as opposed to a million-dollar act. Of course, this is coming from the guy who supports both Big Barry and Ulysses.

Time for the second acrobatic act of the night: Lindsey Norton. As good as Unity In Motion looks, Lindsey blows them away by a mile. Her dance tonight is modeled after the Cirque du Soleil, and Lindsey looks every bit as stunning as any professional Cirque performer. The judges love it, but once again, they repeat that only four acts are going through. Okay, judges, we understand!

America’s Got Talent? Or America’s Got Balls? Tonight, Horse is going balls out with a superhero-themed performance. Why do people like this guy so much! We get it; he can get kicked in the balls in every conceivable way without doubling over. Please America, don’t vote this guy through!

Olate Dogs went straight through Vegas, but now, they’re depending on America’s vote to make it to the next round. Tonight, they are every bit as amazing as they were in their initial performance. The dogs bring the perfect mix of personality and athleticism. What a way to end the show! As Nick Cannon says, this is the Olympics of America’s Got Talent!

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