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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Gordon Ramsay Hands Out The Black Jackets

July 24, 2012 11:00 PM by Melissa Stavarski

It’s a very special night on Fox‘s Hell’s Kitchen. After last night’s southern cuisine disaster, Gordon Ramsay hopes to inspire greatness from the chefs with the coveted black jackets! There are seven chefs left but only six black jackets. Keep reading to find out which chefs make the cut.

Communication Relay Challenge

Each team has 30 minutes to prepare three regular menu dishes. Only one chef will be allowed in the kitchen at a time, switching chefs every five minutes. They’re given only a small window of time to communicate in between shifts. Communication is key!

Unless you consider swearing, insults, and temper tantrums communicating, there’s not much communicating happening in Hell’s Kitchen this season. It’s pretty much a given that this challenge is going to end badly.

The dishes are risotto, lamb, and cod. Three dishes that have three different preps and three different time schedules. The first chef in each kitchen, Dana for red and Justin for blue, has to get everything started.

Dana almost forgets to tell Christina what she’s cooking. Christina takes the cod out of the oven before it’s ready. The red kitchen is unorganized. Barbie needs to work through the mess to get the dishes on the plates.

Justin doesn’t realize until it’s too late that  he should have started the risotto. He gives the next chef a head’s up. Clemenza spends four of his five minutes putting on his apron, so he also drops the ball on the risotto. Robyn burns the cod. But it was the pan’s fault for being too hot. It’s certainly not Robyn’s fault.

Ramsay tastes the dishes to determine a winner.

Risotto – The red team’s risotto is burnt. The blue team’s is crunchy.  No points.

Cod – The red team’s cod is under cooked. Clemenza forgot the broth. No points.

Lamb – Ramsay tastes both dishes, spitting out both tastes. No points.

Dana is screaming at the camera. Dana! Stop screaming at me! She’s getting a little too cocky, also.

“For the first time ever in Hell’s Kitchen history, I cannot pick a winner,” says Ramsay. Neither team gets to enjoy the beach day Ramsay had planned for the winning team.

Punishments include detailing the Hell’s Kitchen SUVs, tidying up the outside of the restaurant, and prepping the kitchens for dinner service. Robyn cannot even clean up the cars without annoying her team. Shocking that someone from  her team didn’t drown her in the bucket of soapy water.

Dinner Service

Ramsay brings out a black jacket – this is what they’re working for tonight.

Clemenza is ready to rock it, folks.

The blue team gets an order for five risottos for one table. Clemenza places risotto prepared in different pans, so the coloring is inconsistent. You cannot serves one table three different risottos. There’s a chorus of “one pan!” answers in the blue kitchen. Brian cracks up to the camera. In case you haven’t heard, ONE PAN!

Barbie offers to help Christina, killing Christina’s focus. She burns risotto as a result.

It’s not long before both kitchens move onto entrees.

In the blue kitchen, Brian serves raw wellington. Because Brian has to start over with the meat, Robyn’s garnishes have to be pulled. She places them in the oven, to hold them. Ramsay gives her hell for putting the old garnishes in the oven instead of making them fresh. Robyn loses her temper. As always, it’s not her fault. It’s her team’s fault for telling her to hold the garnish. She must have imagined that. She’s also mad at her team for doing everything different from the red team. Justin says, “Who cares about the red team? Then go back to them!”

The guests on the blue side of the dining room are hungry and watching the time. They’re threatening to leave.

The red team completes their dinner service. Meanwhile, the blue team does, in fact, lose some guests. Ramsay orders Barbie to the blue kitchen to show Brian how to cook wellington. Brian is fuming. Barbie is beaming. It’s nice to get a glimpse of Barbie’s personality when her childish team isn’t bringing her down.

The red team wins the night. Ramsay gives Dana, Christina, and Barbie black jackets.

Robyn cannot believe the red team has black jackets. Now she wants to be on the red team again. She’s so annoying.


Ramsay orders the blue team to choose two people for elimination. He says, “I can think of four.” In case you forgot, the blue team only has four people.

Robyn is the easy target. She argues. Says they’re messing with “the wrong crazy bitch.” She tells her team that she fought her ass off and doesn’t deserve to be up for elimination. Justin says, “Doesn’t matter how hard you fought. You can’t cook!”

Clemenza tells Ramsay that their first nominee is Robyn. The second nomination came down to Clemenza and Brian, but the blue team failed to pick one. Ramsay’s blown away. They were given only one task and they couldn’t do it. Ramsay calls out all four of them. Their pleas:

Robyn tells Ramsay she has heart, passion, drive, and so on. She says she deserves that black jacket. The red team chuckles to themselves.

Brian thinks he deserves to be there.

Clemenza says he always learns from his mistakes and gives 100%.

Justin pushes himself to levels he’s never been to before.

Ramsay orders both Clemenza and Justin to take off their blue jackets. They each get a black jacket.

Elimination comes down to either Robyn or Brian.

Ramsay gives Robyn the last black jacket, warning her not to make him regret the decision.

Sadly, Brian goes home. There’s no doubt Brian made many mistakes this season, but I’m going to miss his humor.

UGH – how is Robyn still there?!?

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen, the six remaining chefs will take on a mystery team.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 black jackets - Dana, Christina, Barbie, Justin, Clemenza, and Robyn. Who are you rooting for?

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    how the hell is robin still ther,what is chef ramsey thinking her teammates are rite she doesn’t take responiability for her own action,she call her self working better on the BLUE TEAM what a JOKE she’s better off on no TEAM go HOME


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