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America’s Got Talent Recap: Was There Too Much Talent Last Night?!

July 25, 2012 08:23 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Too bad if you missed America’s Got Talent last night, because it was by far the best episode this season! Amazing performers such as William Close, Olate Dogs and Lindsey Norton were pitted against each other, making for a truly exciting lineup. Unfortunately, when all the best acts share the same episode, it means that a lot of talented people are sent home too early. Keep reading for the results. 

It’s tough to see an elimination when so many of the acts are so good! First on the stage are Ulysses, Olate Dogs and David “The Bullet” Smith. Sharon apologizes for buzzing Ulysses, which is silly; as a judge, buzzing is her privilege, especially when the act (ahem, Ulysses) isn’t very good. Olate Dogs make it through, which really isn’t much of a surprise.

Next, a guest performance from X Factor’s Cher Lloyd. She’s cute, but her live singing leaves something to be desired. But if you’re into Cher, her new album will be dropping in September.

Another three wonders are pitted against each other, with William Close, Sebastien El Charro and Unity In Motion all called onto the stage. Again, no surprises; William Close makes it through. Poor Sebastien looks bummed. But the good news is, although Sebastien and Unity In Motion may be gone for now, there’s a chance we’ll see them again during the wild card round.

Nick Cannon calls Eric and Olivia, Horse and Joe Castillo to the stage. Fortunately, America voted for actual talent, as opposed to ball busting. Joe Castillo gets to go on to the semi-finals!

The second guest performance of the night is a vast improvement over the first. The cast of Once saunters on stage for an impressive song-and-dance act that includes fiddles, banjos and even washboards. This clearly is a show worth watching on Broadway!

Finally, the judges have the tough task of deciding the final act to go through.  On the stage are Eric Dittelman, Lindsey Norton and All That. These guys managed to get 4th, 5th and 6th place. Unfortunately, the voters put Lindsey in 6th place, so she’s headed home. Now it’s between Dittelman and All That. For some reason, the judges really like Dittelman., which would be baffling if you don’t remember that these are the same people who put through Big Barry and Ulysses. Howie gives Dittelman his vote and Sharon prefers All That. Howard Stern has the deciding vote and..it goes to Dittelman.  What a disappointment. Fortunately, Sharon has made it clear that All That is her first choice for the wild card round. So, get ready for more clogging in the near future!

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One Response to “America’s Got Talent Recap: Was There Too Much Talent Last Night?!”

  1. stewie Says:
    July 29th, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    I was sad that Sebastion didn’t go through and I was angry when Sharon brought back All That as a wild card. I’m not impressed by some hillbilly cloggers and Sharon once again demonstrated her poor taste.

    For the wild cards bring back Sebastion. I’m begging Howie not to eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast and then bring back Big Barry or Ulysses for his wild cards.


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