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Hollywood Exes Recap: Bad Dates And Belly Dancing

July 25, 2012 07:03 PM by Martha Zaborowski

On this week’s Hollywood Exes on VH1, Mayte Garcia, Jessica Canseco, and Andrea Kelly head to singles mixer. Testosterone is definitely in the air, but is love? Also, Mayte recruits the ladies to perform a belly dance for her mother’s birthday. Keep reading to find out what happens on episode 6 of Hollywood Exes.

Jessica Canseco

Jessica, Mayte, and Andrea head to the singles mixer. How does it go? Let’s just say the eligible bachelors are described as “serial killers” and “wolverines,” and Jessica may have mentioned bringing drugs (twice) to a deserted island if she was with her bachelor. Oh well. Maybe better luck next time for Andrea; she is being set up on a date with a man by her assistant Tony.

Andrea Kelly

Drea is funny, smart, and sexy, so what could be her problem in finding a man? It could be when she tells eligible men that her ex is R. Kelly, they believe they can fly up on out of there. She can’t worry about that now–she has to call Percy, a barber who is interested in her. They set up a date, and he is cute! I gotta give Percy credit; he pretends he doesn’t know R. Kelly was Drea’s ex (because he would just appear on a reality show without having that knowledge…riiiight). And he doesn’t care that R. Kelly was her ex! She’s just Drea to her, not R. Kelly’s ex-wife. He seems like a keeper…

The girls meet him though and have their doubts. He has two baby mammas, he’s 32, he’s not vanilla (Drea’s favorite flavor)…

Mayte Garcia

Mayte started belly-dancing at the age of 3 and teaches the ladies some basic moves, including “shimmies!” They all meet at the party with their belly-dancing costumes on and shriek a lot about how gorgeous they look. The girls look amazing and do, uh, OK at their belly dancing routine. Mayte was truly spectacular–it makes me happy that she kept up with something in which she has so much talent.

Nicole Murphy

In addition to looking gorgeous, Nicole spent most of this episode looking for a new house, a Mediterranean/contemporary house with a bowling alley and movie theatre (#HollywoodExesProblems).

Sheree Fletcher

Sheree spent most of the episode side-eyeing Percy and saying things like “only Jessica would get a belly dancing costume at a lingerie store.” I love that judgmental bad mamma jamma.

How did you like this episode? Was it a little boring, or do you still welcome the low-drama mammas?

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Photos courtesy of VH1

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2 Responses to “Hollywood Exes Recap: Bad Dates And Belly Dancing”

  1. Miate Says:
    July 31st, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    Are you crazy? This is healthy show and shows a healthy relationship between mature women. What’s boring about this? Nothing. Just because you want them to act trashy and ghetto like the ladies on basketball wives doesn’t mean they should. I hope the ladies don’t change!!!

  2. Melissa Says:
    July 31st, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    I appreciate the feel-good nature of the show but it’s so very boring. Hopefully they find a happy middle soon.


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