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Love In The Wild Recap: Only One Couple Wins The Prize, But Both Couples Find Love!

July 25, 2012 03:30 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Love in the Wild, the final three couples raced for a guaranteed spot in the finale. Ken and Yanina won the challenge, giving them the power to choose one couple to join them in the finale. They chose Ben and Michelle. Chase and Summer were eliminated from the competition. It all comes down to this final adventure. Which couple will win the romantic trip around the world?

The grand-prize trip will send one lucky couple off to Venice, Sydney, New York, London, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Rio, and Paris.

Ken and Yanina paired up on their very first day in the Wild. They each felt an instant spark. Ken and Yanina’s last breakfast together is bittersweet for them, and they’re both a little emotional. Yanina thinks you should travel with someone before you marry them. Sharing this trip with Ken would mean the world to her.

Michelle came into the game a little late, as a twist, but she and Ben made a connection. They had to fight to stay together. Michelle says Ben makes her the happiest girl in the world. Ben is as endearing as ever, saying just taking Michelle to the supermarket for milk and bread would be a “brilliant book.” To go around the world would be amazing.

Final Adventure – Day One

Host Jenny McCarthy sets up the last adventure.

The couples have to decide who is better at giving directions and who is better at following directions. Ben and Ken will be giving the directions and Michelle and Yanina will be following their lead. Ben decides to give directions because he plays soccer, even though I thought we established last week that he cannot read a map. The men have to lead the women to three objects.

Ben’s getting flustered because reading a map is nothing like playing soccer. You think? Then, Michelle fails to see a creek that’s right next to her. Michelle finds one of the objects completely by chance, but she struggles with the rest. At one point, Michelle just sits down in the rice field, feeling defeated. Ken and Yanina communicate so well that Yanina has already found all three objects. Michelle only has the one. She finally finds the box in the rice field. She eventually finds the last box and finds her way back to Ben, cursing the whole way.

After assembling tandem bikes, the two teams are off to the next challenge. Ken isn’t a fan of the bike. It’s rubbing both his knees and ass the wrong way. Then, as if that wasn’t pisser enough, the stupid bike falls apart on them. Ben and Michelle are happily peddling towards them. Ken and Yanina take off running, pushing their bike.

Once the couples drop off their bikes, they have to find their camping supplies and the campsite where they’ll be spending the night. Ken and Yanina are the first to find the supplies. Yanina only wants to take what she thinks they need, leaving those that aren’t important behind, including a bottle of wine. Ken grabs the wine anyway. Ben and Michelle have the same idea, only they most definitely agree on bringing the wine. Duh!

The Lost World

Ken and Yanina arrive at the campsite first. They arrive five minutes ahead of Ben and Michelle, which means they’ll get a five-minute lead the next day. Yanina is happy about the wine after all. Ben and Michelle cuddle.

Final Adventure – Day Two

The couples find a cryptic tablet that will help them decode a message on their map. The message sends them to the Heron Sea Cave to retrieve an idol. Michelle and Ben are good at puzzles so they make up for lost time. Yanina gets frustrated with Ken for the first time this challenge. Each couple gets their idol, then they have to find crates in the middle of the ocean.

Despite the fact that Ken and Yanina suck at paddling, they make it to the crates first. Ken jumps out of their kayak without securing it to the crate. Ken floats away… starting his own little trip around the world, I guess. He manages to get back to Yanina, then the crates, and then they’re on their way back to shore.

Ben and Michelle have taken the lead. Once they’re back on shore the couples have to get the second idol out of the crate. With both idols in hand, the couples race to the finish line.

Jenny McCarthy is waiting. The first couple to come around the corner is… Ken and Yanina.

Ken and Yanina win season 2 of Love in the Wild.

Another successful season of Love in the Wild. Both couples walk away happy and in love.

Ken and Yanina are looking forward to their trip. In the meantime, they take turns traveling every weekend to see each other. They feel as if they’re destined to be together.

Ben and Michelle are still together. They believe they’re soul mates.

Summer and Chase, the third place couple, are also still together. If Love in the Wild sticks around for a few more seasons, it’s going to have a better track record than The Bachelorette.

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  1. Mercedes Houghton Says:
    August 13th, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    I love “Love In The Wild” Please keep it on. So nice to see young people find each other. I am 63 yrs young and absolutely love this show. It is the only reality show I enjoy


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