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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Not Enough Soul In The Bowl For Exiting Dancers

July 25, 2012 07:03 PM by Candace Young

Last week on So You Think You Can Dance four dancers were eliminated leaving just sixteen contestants. Tonight, the remaining group will be reduced to fourteen. The show kicks off with a number including all dancers that features Amelia. Not surprisingly it’s a silent movie theme and everyone looks like Charlie Chaplin. Keep reading for highlights from tonight’s dances and to see who goes home…

Cat Deeley introduces the remaining eight couples on So You Think You Can Dance – America’s Top Sixteen! Cat then announces that there will be a two week break after this week for the Olympics. Christina Applegate joins Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy on the judges panel tonight.

Tiffany and George are doing a hip hop routine in which they’ll depict frazzled babysitters – unique! Props include some very funky, colorful baby room furniture, and the costumes are zippy. The number is electric and entertaining, but doesn’t appear to be overly difficult.  Nigel would have liked to see something grungier, Christina would have liked some of the moves to be soupier, but overall they call it fun and cute, and are impressed with the couple.

Brandon and Amber do a steamy, sultry dance that seems to go on for long, hot moments even after the music stops! Wow! Christina feels it was too private for the judging panel to be there! Mary, fanning herself, says she doesn’t know what kind of cereal they had this morning, but there was soul in that bowl! Nigel calls it baby-making choreography. The judges love the performance from both dancers.

Janelle and Dareian are doing the cha cha to Call Me Maybe – yep. It’s upbeat, but sexy, with plenty of hip action and high kicks from Janelle.  The judges like the tricks, but agree unanimously that the dancing isn’t up to snuff – issues with their hands and feet.

Lindsay and Cole perform a contemporary number to Wild Horses loaded with gut-wrenching expression. Lindsay’s hair is a tad distracting – shades of Cousin It! Nigel is all about the mood and the lighting. All three judges rave about the dancing. Lindsay is called magic, and Cole a genius.

Will and Amelia are doing a jazz routine in swanky black & white suit jackets and tight pants. Between the music and the jerky moves it’s mesmerizingly weird! Christina remarks on them adapting to the style very well. Nigel wasn’t feeling it at all – he didn’t connect and didn’t feel they connected. Mary’s in the middle.

Audrey and Matt will perform a salsa, but had trouble with some of the tricks in practice – particularly a spin called the ‘tornado’. Yike! Despite the red-hot outfits, there’s nothing sexy about this salsa, and the music is annoyingly ‘Looney Tunes’. They pull off a few neat moves near the end. Mary says it wasn’t on fire and seemed uncomfortable. Christina concurs and also mentions the music. Nigel agrees with the ladies.

Cheon and Witney are doing a contemporary piece to I Will Always Love You. It’s powerful, beautiful, and excellent technically. Christina is choked with emotion and says they were stunning. They got Mary too, who has tears and comments on their catch-jump, caling it the most memorable moment on the show to date. Nigel is glad they were able to save them last week so as to see this routine – flawless.

Cyrus and Eliana will perform a hip hop routine this week in which she’s a ballerina who leaves her box to join a robot. It’s incredible! Cyrus is obviously in his comfort zone and it has edgy, dark undertones that really work. Mary screams, “Fabulous!” They’re both on the damn train! Christina also raves. Nigel is so pleased for Cyrus that he pulled this routine, and wonders to Eliana when ballerinas got swag!

Elimination Time

Amber, Lindsay, Eliana, George, Brandon, and Dareian are brought forward as the six contestants with the lowest number of votes from last week. Nigel says the panel would like to see Amber, Eliana, Dareian, and Brandon dance again before they decide who to save.

After the solos, there’s a performance by a professional dance troupe while the judges deliberate.

Nigel tells the dancers in jeopardy that they have decided to save Lindsay and Eliana from the girls, so Amber Jackson will be going home even though they love her.

From the guys, the judges will save George and Dareian. Brandon Mitchell will be leaving.

What do you think of the judges choices?

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One Response to “So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Not Enough Soul In The Bowl For Exiting Dancers”

  1. Lisa M Says:
    July 25th, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    I hate this season already,they have gotten rid of all the black female dancers before the top ten and they were wrong this time Eliana should have gone tonight!she is sometimes so stiff that she looks like a board This was once my favorite show,and so far its starting to look alot like American Idol pre-judged and arranged winners


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