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Abraham Lim Talks About His Time On The Glee Project

July 26, 2012 10:00 AM by Veronica Dudo

Abraham Lim from San Diego, CA wanted to be on FOX’s hit series Glee so bad that he actually postponed his admission into law school to pursue his dream on The Glee Project. Unfortunately, his time on the Oxygen reality TV series came to an end this week when he was eliminated. After giving a weak performance, Abraham walked back out on-stage and told Glee creator Ryan Murphy he would not go home until he won the competition or got a part on Glee! Keep reading to find out what Abraham was thinking when he walked back out on-stage!

Although, Abraham has only been performing for one year, he felt that he was ready to join the cast of Glee so he auditioned for The Glee Project. Each week, he faced the challenge with true determination. Unfortunately, this week he hurt his leg in an unprecedented shoot on the series. The remaining contestants had to shoot there music video in one continuous shot but the twist was that once someone messed up they needed to start from the beginning!

Once in the bottom three, Abraham had to sing the Michael Jackson hit, “Man in the Mirror” for Ryan Murphy. While Ryan was talking to the mentors about who should go and who should stay Abraham walked back out on stage! He told Ryan that he wasn’t going to leave until he won the competition or got a part on Glee! Ryan said he thought Abraham came back out to ask to sing his song again since his performance was not his best. In the end, Ryan decided to eliminate Abrham.

Looking back on that moment the 24 year old explained how it happened.

“I really believe in humility and really being able to take in critique and feedback whether you agree with it or not but while I was onstage Ryan had barley commented on my performance and just asked me how I did and I thought I did well and he then proceeded to ask me why do people think that you faked your injury?” He said.

After his performance Abraham said that something didn’t feel right so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“When I got off stage I didn’t feel at peace; I felt like I had more to say and I feel like Ryan was questioning my integrity and my character and those are the things my mom raised me with and I really believe in sticking up for yourself so I went back out there and I just wanted to remind him who I was.” He said.

Abraham added, “I also wanted to apologize too for my performance and it reminded me that I have so much more to give so I definitely am proud of myself for sticking up for myself and I have since talked to my mom and she is proud of me. As long as I have my family, my friends and my fans’ support that’s all that really matters.” He said.

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Photo Credit: Oxygen

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