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Jimmy Kimmel Gives His HILARIOUS Take On What A Dating Show Starring Kate Gosselin Would Look Like

July 26, 2012 02:00 PM by Shayla Perry

A dating show starring Kate Gosselin? No thank you. Unless, of course, it’s the one Jimmy Kimmel has in mind. The late night host created a hilarious spoof of what he envisions the Kate Plus 8 star’s show would look like. Think: “The Bachelorette meets The Deadliest Catch.” The result? Escape From Gosselin Island. Interested yet? More details (and the video) after the jump.

We think we’ve found reality TV’s newest hit, and surprisingly, it came from the brain of late night host, Jimmy Kimmel.

He did have a little help from Kate Gosselin though.

It was Gosselin and her people who thought that it would be a good idea to shop a show where the now single mom-of-eight travels throughout the country looking for love.

Fortunately for Kate, we’re sure there aren’t too many men who’ve seen how she was with her ex, Jon Gosselin, on their TLC show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. But we’re also sure that it’s going to be pretty hard to find someone who’s genuine, and not just looking for fame (look at The Bachelorette — those gals have a hard enough time without eight kids in tow!).

Whether the show gets picked up or not remains to be seen, and just like Kimmel, we’re really hoping that Kate does find a good guy, “or at the very least — a new hair stylist.”

But if the show she’s pitching doesn’t work out, Kimmel’s version is definitely a very strong contender.

Who wouldn’t rush to watch 12 men, selected at random, shot with tranquilizer darts by Sarah Palin, and taken to a deserted island where they’re “hunted like animals by Kate and her eight kids”?

“Who will escape, who will perish, and who will be captured and forced to marry Kate?”

Ratings gold!

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Photo Credit: NBC

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