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Million Dollar Listing LA Recap: Josh Flagg’s Open House Goes Horribly Wrong

July 26, 2012 03:00 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Bravo‘s Million Dollar Listing LA, Josh Flagg invited the circus to an open house for a tough-to-sell house. Madison Hildebrand, Josh Altman, and Heather Bilyeu couldn’t resist the show. Little did they know, they end up being the show after breaking out in an argument in front of Josh Flagg‘s guests. Continue reading for all the details.

Remembering from last week, Josh Altman and Heather stop by the circus open. Heather fills in Josh Flagg, she is living with Josh and Madison fired her. Josh is surprised to hear all of this. Heather says, “Betrayal, it happens.” Josh Altman says, “Enough about somebody who doesn’t do sh*t, show us the house.” While they’re off looking at the house, Madison walks in. The three end up in the backyard at the same time.

Heather believes Madison owes her $7,000 in commissions for houses that settled after Madison fired her. Madison says according to her contract, all commissions were paid at his discretion and not necessarily a promise. Seeing as how Heather got fired, Madison feels as if he owes Heather nothing.

Josh Altman is eating this up, wearing a huge smile. He pushes Heather to confront Madison. Heather says to Madison (paraphrased), After three years of me being your friend and like a sister to you, this is how you treat me? You f**k me over with $7,000 in commissions.

Madison says, “Your story, what you believe, whatever.” He doesn’t seem like he wants to be talking to her. Then, Madison calls Heather bratty, vindictive, selfish, and manipulative. Heather throws her drink at Madison.

Josh Altman steps in, chiding, “Be a man. Pay the girl what you owe her.” Josh continues to insult Madison, making fun of his current listing situation, which is bare, and suggesting that Madison is keeping the money from Heather simply because he cannot afford to pay her.

To his face, Madison calls Josh Altman a bitch. To the camera, he refers to Josh and Heather as “looney” and “tooney.”

Josh Flagg, who is completely mortified, simply says, “Crazy people tend to flock to me.” No idea why Josh didn’t kick them out of his open house.

Madison talks to his mom about what happened at the open. Heather was very close to Madison and his family and this behavior doesn’t sound like Heather. Madison’s mom says she wishes Heather the best, despite her choices as of late.

Moving on to business, Madison meets with a potential new client Chris. Chris built a stunning house in the Pacific Palisades, which is in the middle of Beverly Hills and Malibu. Madison brings his power-point presentation to sell himself to Chris, but Chris tells him to save it. All Chris wants is one agent to place himself above the rest with a unique approach to selling his house. Madison returns with a fellow agent who represents the Beverly Hills area. Madison gets the listing from Chris by offering two agents for the price of one. They agree to list the house just under $7 million, even though Madison feels like this price is too high.

Josh Flagg continues to show the too modern “circus” house. He regularly hears comments such as “explosion of bad taste” and “modern gone wrong.”

Josh calls Nikki for a meeting to discuss a lease offer. The lease offer is for $22,000/month. Nikki says Ben, the homeowner, isn’t going to be happy about a lease offer. Josh urges her to call him and tell him to take it. The people aren’t exactly banging down their door to write up offers on the weird house. In the end, Nikki and Ben accept the deal.

Josh and Colton are babysitting a ten-year-old boy for a friend. Josh smells motive on wants-to-be-a-daddy-soon Colton, but he plays along. It starts out with Colton being all gung-ho around the kid. But, it turns out, he’s the recincarnation of the younger social misfit that was pre-teen Josh Flagg. Josh and the kid bond over their shared interests.

Josh Altman is still showing houses to Jaime, the financial advisor to Orlando Scandrick. Josh first shows him a house for $2.2 million. Jamie likes the price but not the curb appeal. Josh fears Jamie isn’t ever going to like anything.

The next house shows more promise. The house is perfect and the price is workable. Orlando wants the house and Jamie approves, so Josh tries to negotiate a deal with the listing agent Mark. The list price is $2.6 million. Josh offers a “fair” $1.9 million – all cash offer.

Mark says this offer is insulting. Mark says $2.3 million, no less. Josh takes this back to Jamie, who says $2.2 million, no more.

Back at the negotiation table, Josh makes a risky move by ignoring his client’s final price and, instead, offering $100,000 less. Mark takes the deal. Josh gets the satisfaction of calling this client to gush about his awesomeness. Not that he likes to gloat or anything. <rolling my eyes>

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4 Responses to “Million Dollar Listing LA Recap: Josh Flagg’s Open House Goes Horribly Wrong”

  1. dvelcro Says:
    July 26th, 2012 at 6:44 am

    Josh A. is the biggest douche, and a prostitute that will screw anyone for a dollar. He is rude, condescending, a bully and the wicked witch Heather is now showing her true colors and drinking from the devil’s brew. I hope both of them go down in flames. Their reputations are everything and Josh A deserves to be put in his place. They are so unprofessional. If Heather is as good as she seems to think she is, why is she going nuts over $7K. After taxes, it’s a lot less. She is a bitch. Go Madison!

  2. vicsze Says:
    July 26th, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    say what you want to about Josh Altman, but he is by far the best agent on this show. Heather is desperate to become a real estate power broker like her boyfriend, however is going about it in completely the wrong way. She should be worried that her behaviour on the show could ruin jeopardise her real estate career.

  3. Deb Says:
    August 1st, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Josh A. IS a slime, it is so obvious, how could anyone take him in as their Realtor?? And good riddance Heather, you got what you deserve, a slime for a boyfriend and a career going NOWHERE!!

  4. Debd Says:
    August 1st, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    I love Madison, he is my favorite on the show, but Josh Flagg is a close second. I know he is spoiled rotten, but he seems to be a great guy, loves his grandmother so much, and he is what he is- not a fake like Josh Altman, please take him and his sidekick Heather off the show!!! Love you Josh Flagg!!! Love you Madison!!


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