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Project Runway Recap: How Sweet It Is

July 26, 2012 08:26 PM by Shayla Perry

What could be sweeter than Project Runway‘s Season 10 premiere in Times Square. Hmm… Candy Couture anyone? Yes, it’s the “unconventional materials” challenge, and this week, Heidi Klum and the rest of the judges gave the designers quite the sugar rush. Who was sent home? All the highlights after the jump.

Tonight on Lifetime….

With Beatrice Guapo eliminated in Week 1, it’s now down to 15 designers in the competition, and they’re all ready to make it work…whatever “it” is; even candy.

After Tim Gunn and Dylan Lauren of THE Dylan’s Candy Bar (who’s father just happens to be THE Ralph Lauren) met with the contestants in front of the flagship store to tell them about their challenge, Gunner Deatherage and the other designers made their way to the workroom at Parsons, and got busy crushing candy and lining with licorice.

How Gunnar manages to get anything done with all of the eye-rolling he does at Christopher Palu, we don’t know, but if they’re giving out prizes for it at the end of the competition, he’s definitely got that one in the bag.

Ven Budhu, upset that he didn’t win last week, had a wildly ambitious design, blending licorice and rock candy to create a stained glass look. But even he recognized the competition in Sonjia Williams‘ turquoise dress.

Neither of them seemed to be too worried about Lantie Foster, who once again was struggling with her look, which was missing one very important element — the candy!

In her defense, maybe she had more candy on her dress, but it was eaten by the flock of hungry models that descended upon the workroom. (Seriously, do they not feed those girls? They all looked a little too excited to eat the candy “scraps” off the tables. Or maybe the “freegan” craze is just catching on.)

Shortly after Elena Slivnyak‘s hot glue burn (Note to Elena: HOT glue + Gucci booty shorts = bad idea), the designers put their finishing touches on their dresses and prepped the models for the runway show.

More exciting than the looks themselves, was watching to see if the models tripped on any of the candy that was falling onto the runway. It’s sad, but true.

Sonjia’s turquoise dress is a definite standout, as is Lantie’s…but for the wrong reason. The judges are disappointed that she used fabric, and even more so when tries to make an excuse by saying she didn’t have enough time. (Because everyone else had two extra days, right?)

Ven’s stained glass dress stuns Heidi Klum and the other judges and he’s declared the winner. But he still wants everyone to know that he should’ve won last week, too.

Sonjia, Gunnar, and Elena are also “in,” leaving Buffi and Lantie behind on the runway.

The judges just don’t think Lantie’s cut out for the competition; and aren’t impressed that once again she failed to step up to the challenge, so… Lantie is “out.”

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