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’3′ Recap: Three Women Looking For Love

July 27, 2012 01:00 AM by Melissa Stavarski

3 is a new reality show on CBS. This “looking for love” show looks a little different than what we’re used to. There aren’t any disease-infested buses, roses, chocolate sauce and bikini-clad games of Twister, or wild adventures. Instead, 3 simply focuses on the three women hoping to find true love. Rachel Harley, April Francis, and Libby Lopez are three strangers with different backgrounds and life experiences. They become instant friends and support one another as they interview 100 men. Keep reading to meet the 3 women.

Rachel Harley, 34, lost her husband to brain cancer in 2010. She has two children, works as a pharmaceutical sales rep, and volunteers as an organizer for Harley Helping Hands, a non-profit organization that raises money for individuals battling brain cancer. Rachel is looking for someone who has good intentions.

Jeff catches Rachel’s eye. He, too, works in sales. Odd little fact, he’s also a team mascot. And, apparently, that’s a top secret gig. He cannot divulge which mascot he is. The women find this fascinating. He also does a lot of charity work. Rachel asks him to go out with her. He accepts.

Dan is a lawyer. Rachel tells him she’s a mom. He says, “Are they the most fun ever?” They bond over their love for Chicago. Rachel asks him if he’s interested in going out with her. He accepts. He also shows an interest in April. She’s kind of put on the spot, with Libby pushing her to say yes, so she says yes. After the fact, she tells Libby she didn’t appreciate her interference and she does not intend on following through on the date.

April Francis, 29, is an entrepreneur, running three businesses out of Chicago. She loves her professional life but she longs to be a wife and mother. April’s friends tell her she’s too picky. She prefers to label it “serious.” April is looking for someone who is successful and good looking. She likes brains and biceps.

April’s journey starts rough. She’s rejecting the men who show an interest in her left and right. Enter Jason. He catches April’s eye and he gives answers that leave her to believe they share some of the same interests. She expresses some interest, but it’s not reciprocated. The next guy, Danny, wants to get to know April. She tells him no.

When the other women question April, she becomes emotional. She cries it out, then has a great run after that.

Joe wows April. He is focused and enjoys reading and writing. Rachel had expressed interest in Joe, but he said he was actually hoping to start something with April. She’s flattered.

Both Rachel and April are intrigued by John.

Apparently, April invited an old male friend to the show, hoping he’d hit it off with one of the other two women. When Nathan comes in, the other women see the way they interact and suggest they go talk alone for awhile. They have a great chemistry. They each finally realize – why don’t we try a date. Was the right guy for April under her nose the whole time?

Libby Lopez, 24, is a model. She grew up on a ranch. After some wild times in college, she’s ready to get back to her roots and find a good guy. Libby was raised in the Baptist church. Her faith is important to her and it will play a huge role in her selection process.

One of the men Libby meets is Marcus. He instantly charms all three ladies, offering to be their pool boy. His great sense of humor breaks the ice. He’s an anesthesiologist. Libby asks to see him again. He says she’s “definitely working for him.”

Libby also meets Tyler. He’s a model. The most important thing to him is his faith. (ding, ding, ding) Libby and Tyler leave the room for a short private chat. They have other things in common. Tyler is sticking around for awhile, I think.

One of the guys not sticking around is Tim. He asks each of them what their favorite food is and why. Rachel says Mexican because it tastes good. April says eggs because they give her everything she needs (nutritiously) in one food. Libby, oh so innocently, answers with some German dish that’s basically fried dough. This dish is covered in white sauce. She says she BEGS for it. Tim then tells the women that their views about food indicate how they feel about sex.

If this is true, Rachel thinks sex tastes good, April likes all her needs met in one shot, and Libby begs for the “dish” covered in white sauce. So funny. Poor Libby! Sorry to see Tim go – can’t help but to wonder what other little tests he has up his sleeve.

3 isn’t like the other dating shows on TV. Just the absence of Chris Harrison is mind boggling. Still, I’m finding the premise to be interesting. On 3, the three women work together, supporting one another through the entire journey.

The women and the men both have the power to ask each other out – and to decline. Two or three of them can end up dating the same guy. They each agree to take a step back, though, if one is feeling more sparks than the other. This isn’t a competition for them. It’s their real life. Keeping in line with that “real” feeling, the men are responsible for planning all the dates.

“The guys had to plan the dates themselves,” says Libby. “So they picked things that were true to them and that were important to them, whether it was family, whether it was meeting friends, seeing a hometown, sports, favorite pastime. They put a lot of thought into our dates. You really get to know someone very quickly when they plan the date.”

The dates will take  the women all over the country, but they always come back to the house to pop open a bottle of wine and talk about what’s happening.

3 airs Sundays at 9 PM EST on CBS.

Tell us – Did you watch 3? What did you think?

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