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Katie Holmes Stricter With Suri Than Tom Cruise

July 27, 2012 08:00 AM by Gina Hall

When you were a kid the common refrain for any extravagant request was usually “go ask your father.” Such is the case for Suri with Tom Cruise, but what is he letting her do that Katie Holmes won’t? And will it make the “Project Runway” guest judge the less popular parent?

Spare the rod and spoil the child, but Suri is getting spoiled at a whole new level. According to “Star Magazine,” Tom Cruise is indulging Suri’s every sugary whim in efforts to be the fun parent now that Katie Holmes is not around to play food police.

“He [Tom] made up for lost time with more than $170,000 worth of extravagant gifts, lavish buffets of her favorite foods at their five-star hotel, and a round-trip helicopter ride to the beach,” said one source to the magazine.

A source explained that Tom “loved to spoil Suri and indulge her, but Katie has other ideas.”

“Hollywood Life” is reporting that one observer witnessed Suri demanding lemonade then a ginger ale and getting both from dad. This is direct contrast to Katie’s healthy eating policy and reliance on routines.

“We wake up and do the same thing. She does her chores. I think it’s very important,” said Katie to “Marie Claire.” Katie and Suri have also been seen frequently at health food central, Whole Foods. They also garden regularly to encourage healthy eating habits.

Who will win the battle to become the favorite parent? Who knows, but remember when your divorced parents fought it out for your love? It makes for one excellent Christmas!

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One Response to “Katie Holmes Stricter With Suri Than Tom Cruise”

  1. Dorothy Says:
    July 30th, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Y’know when Katie met Tom she loved diet cherry colas. Tom, from his physique, eats quite healthily. Why don’t we let Katie and Tom raise their daughter and not pretend that everything Tom does is “bad” and everything Katie does is “good”. It’s so biased and without any real data. Suri will be fine, I’m sure.


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