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Big Brother 14 Recap: Booty Shaking And Tongue Waggling

July 29, 2012 09:18 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

There’s been a lot of twists and turns lately on Big Brother, and from the looks of it, both the contestants and the audience are pretty exasperated about constantly being thrown for a loop. Will the Big Brother format ever return to the usual setup? Keep reading for all the highlight’s from tonight’s episode!

If you’re behind on this season of Big Brother, the big news you need to know is that viewers are allowed to vote in order to have coaches return to the show and compete for the big prize. Based on the chatter in the Big Brother forums, few are happy about this development. We’ll see how long it stays in place before the show completely changes formats again.

Shane is now the Head of Household (HOH), so Janelle’s team is freaking out big time. Mike acts like he is freaking out as well, but in fact, he’s got a secret alliance going, so it’s all just a show.

The HOH room reveal is unbelievably awkward. It’s pretty obvious that the contestants would rather be just about anywhere other than hanging out with each other right now.

Meh, there’s some random stuff added in the show this week that comes across as filler material. Stuff like Joe cooking a huge meal for Shane as an obvious ploy to suck up to the HOH. Hey, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? In this case, the answer might be no. Shane isn’t particularly appreciative of Joe’s efforts.

Ashley is the resident dumb blonde this season, and she’s carrying on proudly in that role tonight. She informs Mike of her magical dream board, which, apparently managed to land her with an iPhone. Her dream board claims elicit some laughs, but they’re at her, not with her. Oh Ashley. You are adorable, but in a painfully gullible way. It could all be a front of course, but the dumb blonde act seems pretty genuine.

Okay, every Big Brother episode needs its token tearjerker/big revelation, and tonight, Jenn gets the honors. She talks about what it was like to come out to her parents. Jenn’s big coming out story is beneficial in that it gets the notoriously uptight Danielle to ease up a little on her fears of the big bad lesbian.

The big moment has come: the coaches competition! This week, the theme is exercise combined with gaudy 80s outfits. Jazzercise, anyone? For event one, everyone’s shaking those booties…well, everyone minus Britney. She’s told to choose two Have-Nots, and the honors go to Ian and Joe.

Event numero dos is hip shaking and this time, Boogie is eliminated. He’s given $10,000, which must be split up among himself and two others. Frank says no, so $3,000 goes to Ian and $1,000 goes to Jenn.

Ugh, task three is awkward. Instead of shaking hips and booties, the contestants are waggling their tongues. Dan loses this time. He gets a sushi party to which he is allowed to invite five attendees. It’s clear that the invitation process is all very strategic, with all three coaches, Danielle and Shane getting the honors. Dan obviously realizes that it’s best to keep an eye on those devious coaches!

Janelle is the big winner and she chooses to save Wil. Shane wasn’t planning on this, so now he’s going to have to regroup and come up with a new strategy. He’s called to make nominations but still doesn’t know what to do. Finally, he selects Joe and Ashley. Poor Ashley is clearly bummed, whereas Joe’s reaction falls more along the lines of extreme fury. Frank is jumping for joy, having narrowly been spared!

What do you think about the nomination? And how ’bout that crazy competition? Share your reactions below!

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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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