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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Cars, Planes And RVs

July 29, 2012 08:15 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey is all new tonight on Bravo. The whole gang is headed to wine country and they rented RVs. Can the Gorgas and Giudices stay civil in such a cramped space? We hope not! Keep reading for all the details from tonight’s RV trip from hell.

The housewives are too busy packing to notice that hurricane Irene is hitting New Jersey.  The hardest part about packing is trying to decide what to wear camping.  Teresa admits she has never been camping before, but she thinks her leopard pajamas will be suitable for such an occasion. 

As Albie is packing and saying goodbye to his girlfriend, he drops the bomb that Lindsey will be moving in with him for a while. What?! I don’t think Mama Manzo will be so happy about her boy playing house. 

The next morning hurricane Irene hits New Jersey and shuts down the airport.  So the entire crew takes a five hour road trip to Pittsburgh to catch a plane.  After an entire day of travelling the group makes it to San Francisco. The first stop is camping world to pick up supplies, in fringe high heels of course.  With all the supplies (totally nearly $5,000) they could have stayed at a four star hotel.  Just as the group is ready to get on the road, Teresa gets a “stomach issue” and is stuck in the bathroom.  “I didn’t want to poop in the RV,” Teresa yells in her whiny voice.

The next stop is a camp site, which Teresa yells looks like a parking lot.  “What the hell?” Teresa whines to her husband.  Everyone is disappointed that they are not camping in the woods.  “This isn’t camping, it’s like we are homeless,” Chris mocks the parking lot.  While Melissa tries to make nice with the “neighbors” in the parking lot, Teresa is pretty much grossed out by the people.  Not good PR for you Teresa. 

As everyone is busy working and setting up the camp site, Teresa takes Kathy aside for a chat.  Teresa is annoyed that Kathy pointed out recipes in her books and said they were “her mother’s recipes.”  Kathy denies any hard feelings and doesn’t even remember saying those comments.

The next morning, Richie wakes up crabby because sharing the RV is cramping his love life.  While the Gorgas and Giudices wake up sweating, because Juicy turned the heat up to over a hundred degrees.  Everyone seems to be happy that Teresa is getting along with everyone – for now.

Melissa and Teresa decide to go on a walk on the beach together.  Teresa shares the whole issue about Kathy and the “her mom versus my mom recipe” debate. Melissa could care less whose recipe is whose.  But Melissa shares that Teresa should think about why she is having issues with all the ladies. Of course, this comment sets Teresa off on a rant about Caroline and Jacqueline and the whole cookbook controversy.  Melissa is happy that they are actually talking and not fighting.  “Before you write your next book, just think first,” Melissa advises Teresa.

Will all the girls get along the entire length of the trip?  Tune in next week to find out!  

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Photo and Video Credit: Bravo

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