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’3′ Recap: First Round Of Dates

July 30, 2012 12:02 AM by Melissa Stavarski

3 is new dating show on CBS. The show features three beautiful and unique women – Rachel Harley, April Francis, and Libby Lopez – looking for love. In a mature approach to reality TV dating, these women are not competing, back stabbing, or creating drama. Instead, they’re supporting one another through the dates and the decision making process. In the premiere, we met Rachel, April, and Libby. They interviewed 100 men, each choosing six they’d like to take on dates. Tonight, we see snapshots of their dates and learn which four men they each want to get to know better.

As a widow and single mom to two small kids, it takes a lot of courage for Rachel to re-enter the dating scene. She’s ready to take the risk.

Rachel’s first date is with Dennis. Dennis takes her to his parent’s house. No parents. Just the house. It’s weird. Rachel and Dennis sit on a swing, talking about what they like. Dennis goes deep – he likes naps, chopping wood, and food. He’s awkwardly touching Rachel’s back. When it gets to be too much, she suggests they take a walk. When that gets to be too much, she suggests they walk back.  Rachel does not ask Dennis for a second date. He says this wasn’t the outcome he expected. Rachel says the date was brutal.

Rachel goes on a date with John. Incidentally, John is also going to get to know April. More on that later. John and Rachel hit golf balls. Their conversation is lacking. They mutually agree to just be golfing buddies. After two failed dates, Rachel is feeling discouraged.

Rachel next meets up with Richard in the middle of farm country. Richard is taking her hang gliding. Rachel says on twitter that she was afraid she was going to milk cows. I think I’d rather milk a cow with both feet on the ground than strap myself to a stranger with no feet on the ground. Nevertheless, Rachel has a great time hang gliding and later getting to know Richard. He’s sensitive to her feelings when she tells him her story. Richard applauds Rachel for taking a chance at love again. Their date is fun and easy. He’s Rachel’s first top four.

Blink and you missed it, Rachel also moves forward with Dan and Jeff. Rachel’s last date is with Andrew. Rachel and Andrew go power boarding in the water, then explore the beach. Andrew has a picnic set up for them. Andrew asks Rachel about her kids and understands her need to find someone who compliments her family. As they make their way back through the water, they see dolphins. It’s a great ending to a pretty fantastic date (if you ask me). Andrew jokes, “So, when are you moving to Florida?”

Next week, Rachel moves forward with Richard, Dan, Jeff, and Andrew.

Libby is trying not to have any expectations and to just go with the flow. Her faith is important to her.

Libby’s first date is with Josh. They go to an aquarium to see beluga whales. Later, their conversation is simple but meaningful. Libby tells Josh about how her parent’s divorce when she was 12 affected her relationship with her dad and, later, choices in men. She envies the fact that Josh’s parents are still happily married. Josh seems quiet yet confident. He has a great smile. I notice that Libby and Josh are both wearing purple – and I can’t help to wonder if “food and sex” guy from the premiere has any tests for their color coordinated outfits. Josh is a keeper, moving onto the next round.

Libby meets Jimmy. He likes Eminem, and her hilarious facial expression suggests this date is over.

Libby travels to Minnesota to go on a date with Tyler. Tyler and Libby have a lot in common, including a strong faith. How will there similar interests on paper translate to real life? Whew. From beginning to end, this date is intense! First, Tyler introduces Libby to his parents and two brothers. Holy first date, Batman! Tyler fully admits to a few of his flaws – patience, needing control, and bad temper. Next, Tyler takes Libby to a Bible reading with practically 37 of his closest friends. Okay, it was more like ten, but good grief! He introduces them as his future wedding party. Kudos to Libby for not running. Tyler seems like a nice guy, but he’s way too intense. Libby tells him her guts says no. Despite spending the entire day together, they barely got to know each other. He’s confused, she thinks he’s slightly disconnected (from reality, says me). This date going bad is a disappointment for Libby. Too many red flags, she says. Yeah, like, “My name is Tyler, wanna meet my parents, family, best friends, and wedding party?”

Libby’s next date is with Jason. He gives her flowers. Jason is also religious; however, he’s Catholic. Libby confuses Jason. She tells him she’s very traditional and believes the man should make decisions in a relationship, but then she tells him it’s important for her kids to be raised Baptist. Jason challenges Libby – how can she claim to want the man to make decisions and then make demands. Once again, Libby talks about trusting her gut, and given the challenging nature of their conversation, you might think Libby is getting ready to cut Jason loose. Not so much. Libby loves that Jason challenged her. Their eye contact and expressions really say it all – they enjoy each other’s company.

Libby’s last two dates are with Marcus and Peter. Marcus is older than Libby. She expects this to be an issue. However, Marcus likes the fact that Libby is still very passionate about life and her future. He’d love to share this time with her. He’s playful, fun, smart (well, I hope, since he’s doctor), witty, and rocks the tube socks. Libby says on twitter that Marcus makes her feel like a kid, which is ironic given her initial concerns. We later learn Libby is a sucker for deep voices and glasses – two points for Peter!

Libby brings Josh, Jason, Marcus, and Peter to the next round of dates.

April has high expectations. She’s hoping to keep those expectations under control without compromising.

April’s first date is with John. John says “man” a lot. April tells him, “Know what I don’t like? Being called man.” I love how honest she is. John takes April on a fishing boat. He strikes out twice – no fish and no kiss. Still, John likes April’s energy. April thinks John is weird but fun. They’re both looking forward to a second date.

April’s second guy is Chris. It’s a no. Next, April goes out with Nathan, her former neighbor. He takes her to one of her favorite spots in Chicago. Their date is outdoors, which April loves, and their conversation seems easy. Yet, April abruptly ends their date, saying she isn’t feeling any chemistry. I suspect she just wants to get out of those shoes! Did you see those shoes? Holy cow. I’d trip and knock out my teeth.

April’s next date is with Joe. He takes her Go Karting, which she loves! They have a great time. She says, “I can’t believe I got 3rd place.” He chides, “You beat a nine year old!” Their exchanges are fun and easy. Joe is impressed by April. He says she’s fun, well traveled, business minded, beautiful, and sweet. She flattered, then invites him on a second date. He says, “No.” He’s kidding. He’s gorgeous and funny! He also seems sincere. April says her date with Joe blows her mind and she has a crush.

April’s last two dates are with Michael and Adam. Both guys move onto the next round of dates. Michael is the CEO of a vodka company. Good thing I’m not the one looking for love here. Michael and his never-ending supply of vodka – game over! Adam and April share an appreciation for the outdoors.

April‘s top four guys are John, Joe, Michael, and Adam.

Next week on 3, Rachel, Libby, and April will invite the guys back to their house, spending the day together and introducing them to their friends and family. Wow – intense! At the end of their days together, the women and the men will decide to keep going or say goodbye.

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