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Bachelor Pad Recap: 32 Year-Old Virgin Pickled By Partner

July 30, 2012 07:12 PM by Candace Young

Last week on Bachelor Pad a divide opened up between the superfans and Bachelor franchise vets. The vets prevailed as newbies Paige and SWAT team Chris were sent packing. Keep reading for this week’s challenge, drama, and elimination highlights…

If the blonde twins weren’t annoying enough just existing, tonight’s episode of Bachelor Pad kicks off with the duo drunkenly squawking at each other. The rest of the contestants can’t get them off the show fast enough.

Chris Harrison calls everyone together outside where they are stunned to see rhythmic gymnasts putting on a demonstration with hula hoops. Harrison tells them this is their next challenge in honor of the Summer Olympics. The guys and girls will perform as two separate groups. The best will get dates and roses and the worst will each get a penalty of one vote against them going into tonight’s elimination. Warm up time!

Each group (guys and girls) are put through their paces by the pros beforehand. The guys feel (and look!) absurd. Meanwhile, Erica Rose realizes she has the grace of an elephant, and begins to panic about her chances. The boys progress to fluttering ribbons on sticks, with Mike Stagliano emerging as the clear frontrunner.  In the girls’ camp, Erica Rose is ready to hang herself with said ribbons. Yike.

Once everyone has donned their cringeworthy costumes, the challenge gets underway. The girls have a tough time keeping their eyes ‘up’ away from the guys’ packages in their unitards, but are soon distracted as Ashley Hebert, J.P., and the Olympic judge are introduced.

The girls go first. Stagliano calls it a train wreck. Now it’s the guys’ turn. If there is anything funnier than hairy-chested Ed Swiderski with slicked back hair in his blue and pink unitard, I haven’t seen it recently. Performance-wise, the guys put the girls to shame. Curious.

Worst performers – Erica Rose (self-fulfilling prophecy) and Ed Swiderski (not sassy enough -what?!). Hilarious. Best performers – Blakeley and Mike. No surprises there.

So Blakeley and Mike get to take three others on dates. Superfan Donna moons over her not-so-secret crush Mike, hoping he’ll select her for the date. Erica Rose asks Mike straight out to take her so she can get a rose and be safe, but he’s more interested in finding a love connection. He elects to take Rachel, Lindzi, and (drum roll please) Donna. Erica Rose is miffed.

Mike and the girls go to a theater where they are treated to a performance by a band and do some dancing. Superfan Donna gets some time in with Mike on the floor, but Rachel ends up kissing him. Meow! Later, Donna shows Mike a sketch she did of him. He decides to ‘fulfill her fantasy’ by kissing her. This is an arrogant side to Mike I didn’t see coming! At the end of the date, he gives Rachel the rose.

Back at the Bachelor Pad, Ryan is tossing rose petals on a bed to celebrate Jamie’s birthday. Um, did he miss the whole Jamie/Chris thing? Poor guy has birthday balloons and sushi, but Jamie’s ready to dump him as a partner to pair up with Chris.

Jamie makes the partner-swap appeal to Chris, but suddenly he’s partial to keeping Blakeley happy since she won the challenge. Icky super-intense Chris ends up thinking he has both of them eating out of his hand. After making out with Jamie, Chris goes to Blakeley and lies that he has no feelings for Jamie. Ugh. Later, Jamie finds Chris in Blakeley’s bed and the tears start flowing… Dear Blakeley, please  donkey punch him in the throat.

Blakeley invites Chris, Ed, and Superfan Dave on her date. They’ll be doing a Soapbox Derby race and start out by decorating their own cars. Ed paints his dark green and notes he’s ‘in a pickle’. Hehe. Super-intense Chris thinks that Dave has no chance of winning the race because he’s there. Go Dave Go. In the end, Ed, who isn’t even pickled, wins.

Later, they go back to the Bachelor/Bachelorette mansion. Ed is familiar with it as Jillian stayed there for a while when on the show. Dave and Blakeley spend alone time – he appeals to her to give him the rose, saying he’ll do whatever she says if he gets it. When Chris gets time with her, he tries to play her, but she calls him out on on his insincerity. Inexplicably, she still gives him the rose. Boo Blakeley – thought you’d be much more shrewd!

At the party back at the house, Ed is still drinking from the trophy and it’s safe to say he’s pickled now. Sarah decides to take him to bed where he seemingly executes a ‘flying pickle’ (do you really want to know?) and then passes out.

Elsewhere, the twins are at it again. Tony and Nick observe silently. They argue into the night until the others try to intervene in order to get some sleep. Dawn breaks with the twins still bickering and Thing 2, er, Brittany, packed and ready to go home. This means Erica must also go, as they are playing as one person. The only one who seems amused by it all is Kalon, who is happily ensconced in bed with Lindzi.  Erica goes to say goodbye to her crush, Superfan Dave, and gets a yawn in response. They leave, still arguing, in a van. Ah, sweet silence.

That night, it’s time for another rose ceremony. Chris Harrison announces that all the ladies are safe due to Brittany and Erica’s early exit. Erica Rose is thrilled!

The ladies will still have to vote a guy off. Mike and Chris have roses and are safe. Ed has one vote against him because he was the worst performer in rhythmic gymnastics. Superfan Dave’s on the chopping block.

As the cutthroat politics get underway, Kalon whispers to gal pal, Lindzi, that Ryan is annoying. She runs with that, and works to get the other girls to vote him off. While Ed is telling Jaclyn she’s going right to the end with him and Chris, Reid overhears and decides to lobby for Ed to be removed. Quite a few girls put Ed’s picture in the box and he already has one vote against him, but Sarah throws a wrench in the works by confessing to Ed before voting is over!

Rose Ceremony

Roses are offered to Kalon, Reid, Nick, Tony, David, and Ed. Turns out Ryan’s the one going home – virginity still intact.  This means that Jamie voted against her own partner (amazingly she’s still hoping to partner with Chris), and that Reid, who campaigned against Ed, may feel a backlash next week.

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