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The Glass House Recap: How Low Can You Go?

July 30, 2012 09:10 PM by Shayla Perry

Um, what is it that they say about people who live in glass houses again? Alliances are starting to break on ABC‘s The Glass House, with Gene and Joy‘s showmance (or is it a fauxmance?) coming between the two groups. Everyone’s playing dirty now, but whose game is the dirtiest, and whose side is America on?

This week on The Glass House

Jeffrey‘s decision to send himself into limbo has everyone in the house talking. Was it arrogance, assuming that he’d get get the viewers’ votes, or was he just taking one for the team?

Andrea and Kevin think it was pure cockiness and that America’s going to see right through it.

But everyone else thinks that Andrea should probably watch her words when it comes to loyalty and allegiance. After all, she was the one who told each of them that she felt like she was forced into an alliance with Kevin and Mike, and that she didn’t want to be on a “sinking ship.” The proof? Uh…Andrea, don’t be so quick to say, “Roll the tape” when you’re on a reality show and they have ACTUAL tape.

Is that ship really sinking though?

In an extremely awkward moment, made even more awkward by faux pirate accents and Erica talking like a parrot, Erica and Joy had a bit of a spat over trust.

Erica thinks it’s a little too odd that Gene’s first tweet from the house was that no one should fall in love on the show, yet here he is falling for Joy — and hard.

Was he planning on having a showmance all along?

Joy calls her out for being suspicious of Gene, but trusting Kevin. You know — the guy who voted her into limbo after hooking up with her.

It was a super close vote, but Jeffrey’s gamble paid off, with him winning 51%-50% over Mike.

Yeah, we think that’s the last time someone’s going to be voting themselves into limbo.

So will this have any impact on Gene’s confidence?

Stephanie is team captain again, but there’s good news for her — she got more points than Joy. Suddenly, things are looking up for Team Kevin and Andrea.

After the challenge – a game oh, so appropriately named “Back At ‘Cha” – Joy is headed to limbo, but who will go in with her — Gene or Andrea?

Erica has promised that she won’t vote Gene in, but according to the fanswers – delivered by Andrea’s adorable family, oddly enough – America doesn’t trust Gene either, and now, there’s a new alliance possibly being created. EXCEPT, Jeffrey’s having a hard time siding with Andrea after their troubled relationship, but his fanswer tells him to turn on Gene and Joy before they turn on him.

Luckily, he won’t have to make that decision just yet, since the house vote ended in a tie, so naturally, it’s Andrea going into limbo with Joy.

Hmm… Do you think having her kids and husband on the show will help Andrea get more votes?

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