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All The Right Moves Premiere Recap: The Birth Of Shaping Sound

August 01, 2012 06:40 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

The long-awaited premiere of All The Right Moves has finally arrived! The new show features So You Think You Can Dance stars Travis Wall and Nick Lazzarini, as well as Dancing with the Stars pros Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson. The premise of the show? The group of four talented guys attempts to put together a new dance company called Shaping Sound. Keep reading for details from the premiere!

Travis, Nick, Teddy and Kyle won our hearts over in So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars. Now, they strive to do the same in their new show, All The Right Moves. Based on the excellent premiere episode, this should be a great show!

For the first episode, the guys are kicking off auditions for Shaping Sound, their new dance company. According to Travis, this company is going to “change all the rules.” Nick considers the company to be the culmination of “the last 27 years of [his] life.” Putting together the next big name in dance is definitely a tall order!

After meeting up with the original three (Nick, Travis and Teddy), Kyle walks in, evening up the gay-straight ratio. Nick is constantly flirting with Kyle, claiming him as his “straight boyfriend,” or, in his wildest dreams, his real boyfriend. Kyle’s cool with it, because he’s comfortable with his sexuality.

After the introductions, we get a preview of the four guys dancing together, and, predictably, it looks amazing. It will be great to see more from them!

With practice over, it’s time for the fab four to start discussing the logistics of putting together a dance company. The first concern is money. It will cost at least $20,000 to put on the first big show, and Travis wants to be able to actually pay his dancers. They also have to discuss auditions, which is obviously a point of contention. Kyle did not expect to be auditioning, but Travis expects that only the creators will be exempt from auditions.

Travis asks his agents for advice about Shaping Sound. The agents think the emphasis should be on Travis Wall. They believe that the key to the company’s success is Travis’ name. But Travis worries that this will bother the other guys. It’s clear that Travis vs the group is going to be a big theme for this show.

Did you think that dancers were fastidious cleaners? Think again! The audience gets a glimpse of the guys’ pad, and, as Nick explains, “it’s a total frat house.” After going through the fridge for something edible, the four discuss auditions. They want a big, epic dance with plenty of “balls.”

Auditions are here! Somebody got the word out about Shaping Sound, because there’s a huge line of hopefuls. Included in that line are SYTYCD alums Melanie Moore and Allison Holker. Travis’ friend Taja Riley also shows up and she immediately starts complaining about having to audition.  She finally agrees (reluctantly) to suck it up and learn the routine.

After a wonderful round of auditions, the company leaders try to decide who will make it in. The names they mention as definite members include SYTYCD alums Melanie, Allison and Ade! It’s going to be a huge SYTYCD reunion! Nick, Travis and Teddy also break the news to Kyle: he’s in!

Money matters again take precedence. To impress potential investors, the company leaders need to pitch their upcoming preview performance. There’s only one rehearsal available in which to prepare the dancers for the investor preview. The pressure is definitely getting to Travis, something that Taja is all too happy to point out.

The stress is worth it, because the company gives a killer performance! If that’s what they can pull off in one rehearsal, we’re pumped to see what else these amazing dancers are capable of accomplishing!

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Photo Credit: Oxygen


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One Response to “All The Right Moves Premiere Recap: The Birth Of Shaping Sound”

  1. Rick Says:
    August 1st, 2012 at 8:38 am

    I turned the show off before the auditions. It’s recorded so I probably will watch the rest, but got so annoyed that they did not have a real business person taking charge and running the business, someone outside the group running the auditions… it was too juvenile. Travis should have been sitting on the side with his partners rating the dancers and there should have been a business person running the corporate structure/finances and a non-friend older professional director-type running the auditions and helping with organization of the group. I love SYTYCD and this show should have been an instant fave. I’ll hang around but I hate seeing amateur hour…


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